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      Help recovering a dream after closing your eyes

      Last night I had my first WILD ever (actually I had 2 of them in a row, breaking my 3 week dry spell woot!). Anyhow, it was a very fragile dream I came into, I was sort of floating around just trying to hang onto the dream. I floated over to a girl and we started making out. I closed my eyes (grrr) and immediately was like oh crap, if I open my eyes I'll probably end up in my bed again. Normally I would just ignore this thought and expect the dream to continue, but this being a very fragile dream I was too afraid. I could still feel, smell, and hear the dream, but my eyes were closed and I could also feel my waking body in my bed.

      Needless to say this was a very strange experience, though thoroughly enjoyable hehe! WILDs are cool. I was just wondering if anybody else has found themselves in the same situation and if they might have some advice for the next time this type of thing happens.

      closing my eyes in dreams is sort of a recurring problem for me. I don't know why I always do it (I probably closed them when I kissed that girl just out of habbit), it usually just happens out of nowhere and when I open my eyes I'm in my bedroom.

      Thanks for any advice you guys might have, sorry my post was a bit discombobulated =D
      - Pete

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      That's happened to just about everyone, myself included. Actually, every time I become lucid everything goes black and there's a possibility of me waking up if I'm not careful. One thing I've found, though, is that it helps to focus on your dream body. Ignore the one that's lying on the bed, but rather feel the one that's in your dream which is probably in another position.

      You can also rub your hands together. That can also help increase the realism of the dream and keep you focused within the dream.

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      Whenever you feel that a dream is fragile try spinning around to stabalize things.
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