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      Does anyone else have the problem of controlling their thought commands? Where you think to yourself in a lucid, "What if THIS happens?" and just as you think it, it does.

      My problem is gravity. Usually as soon as I go lucid my body's gravity gradually disappears. It goes to the point where I can't walk and I'm just floating there. I have to push off thinngs to get places.

      But yeah...anyone else sometimes struggle with unintentional thought commands and does anyone have some tips for me? I just can't seem to convince my dream self that gravity works.

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      usually my "what if?" feelings fail in LDs, but they often come true in normal dreams.

      You wanted tips : (in parenthesis is my estimate on how easy this may be done, 1 is the easiest)

      About your body problem: remember, there's no real physical body with muscles and stuff in your dreams. Neither there is gravity. These things are there because you use them so much in RL. STOP USING YOUR BODY! It may be hindered by very simple dream obstacles like wind, solid walls, etc. Learn to use your mind, make most of your powers mental rather than physical or verbal.

      You may EASILY let go of your body. If you are prevented from movement by gravity, wind or whatever, focus your attention on some point in the dreamscape. See as if you were at that point. Let go of your body, just move your mind to that point. This resets the obstacles in the dream . So even if you get your body back there will be no gravity issue. I've done this to escape forcelike winds and enemies that assaulted me, at the same time the DC I've been following remained intact! Worked wonderfully. This is also a generic way of teleportation.
      I'd say this is a level 3 difficulty method but it is very effective.

      An alternative way would be to control the gravity yourself. I've done so a few times while indoors, reversing gravity by 180 degrees walking on the ceiling while the DCs continued to walk on the floor. It was pretty cool.
      This is a level 2 difficulty method, I dont know what will happen outdoors, but you may just try to direct the gravity down.

      Yet another cool alternative would be to use attraction flying - Since you are already floating focus your attention on any object in your dream and "fall" or "attract" towards it. As you get close to the object switch your attention to another object and repeat the procedure. Kinda like spiderman moving on webs between buildings except you use attractive force and remain at the same altitude. This is a very good trusted method that is easier done than said.
      This is a level 1 difficulty method - the easiest and very cool and fun. You may attract to any distinct object (a house, a car, mountains), but I'm not sure if this will work with a simple spot on the ground. This method is awesome cause you have a destination at all times (the object you focused on)

      I did another experiment with gravity by defining the dream parameters (gravity, DCs, etc) during dream reentry.
      This is the lvl 4 hardest method but if you learn to do dream reentry other powers will seem like a piece of cake

      This may be a bit too many tips but I hope you learn at least one of them

      PS I was thinking of starting a topic on mental LD control but I put it here instead.

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      When I have things like that happen to me, when I wake up the next morning, I realize I could have been more lucid.

      Though your situation might not be the exact same, it might be that if you are more lucid you wont have these problems as often
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      just shout "GRAVITY ON" or somthing shouting out commands seems to work for me
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      usually whe im in a high level LD i float. When i float i feel it is more natural than walking, and i can manuver though the air like i had been doing it my whole life. try and adapt to zero gravity.


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