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      Hi guys I haven't been on here for a while though now Im coming with a very specific question...
      Do you know any ways to program yourself to have a dream or better yet to find yourself in a dream with specific persons u knoow or met in real life?

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      Do you mean dream incubation? You can incubate whatever you'd like to dream about and hopefully steer yourself towards dreaming about what you want.

      Think about what you want to dream about during the day. Where does it take place? Who is there? etc. When you go to bed, really concentrate on the details of what you want to dream about. How it makes you feel and what you will do in the dream. It may take a few days to manifest in your dreams, but many people have successfully incubated dreams.

      Or if you can induce lucidity, just remember what you wanted to dream about and change it to your will! Though for me at least, the dream incubation is easier.


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