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      Controlling time

      Tonight I took 100 mg of B6 vitamin, hoping it will make me lucid. I had a WILD , but was tricked out of lucidity.

      Dream continued, and I was more aware then usual.

      I found myself in a gym. We were playing something like tennis. Guy from one team pitched a tennis ball and i was supposed to hit it.

      Interesting part - I couldnt hit the ball, because the guy pitched away from me.

      So I decided to control time (even tho I wasnt lucid). With a slight gesture and force of my will I made time "rewind" back.

      I saw ball and pitcher move backwards into his previous position. Then I "restarted" the time. Guy pitched and I moved to where ball would be...

      I did it for more then 10 times...

      Another cool thing - I didnt just more pitcher and ball back to their

      previous positions. I controlled time - all characters in the gym moved to

      their previous positions and everything around me blurred a bit...

      Kinda the same feeling as when you use attraction/zoom flying method...

      Also I had a feeling like I'm rewinding a video tape... which the time may be..

      Anyone tried/want to try this thing?

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      A Neverending Lucid Dream
      Cool once I did the freeze time thing.Stayed in my dream a day.
      Its all good.
      *Falls Asleep*


      *Fall's back to sleep*


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