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      Testing and Gaining control

      I just recently found out about lucid dreaming being uncommon, actually i thought i was rather weak at it only being able to control one of my many dreams a night normally, but i;ve discussed this with a few people inable to control their dreams and i have managed to get them to atleast one lucid dream a night both, and myself i have many many, now the one thing im tryign to perfect are lucid "naps" lol, but back to the topic:

      I have foudn the easiest and most effective way for me and the other two people i spoke of earlier to test and slowly gain more control over a lucid dream is to attempt flight, first starting with a mere raising the body straight up slowly then faster and faster, then moving in 3-d directions, it works very well and usually increases control over the dream, the spinning technique works for clarity quite well but not for re-creating a new "scene" or gaining control

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      i tried spinning last night, and nothing happened, i had to scream like a retard...

      but i was flying and spinning through the air to regain control...thats a funny mental image, eh?

      whats your favourite, and best way of regaining control and keeping the dream from fading?

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