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      Need some help, i am 99% there.

      well i have had quite a few lucids now, but none from WILD.
      when i wild i get 99% of the way there then i just cant slip into the dream world.
      i need tips on going from after-the-vibrations-have-calmed-and-all-is-dreamy to the dream world...
      i cant seem to go all the way,
      while writing this i just started thinking, would the techniques for keeping lucidity work for getting into the dream "world"
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      It's a shame! You say you get to that dreamy state and it all just kind of hangs?

      I guess one of two things is happening to you, right? Either you get mad and wake up, or you lose consiousness and pass into a non-lucid dream?
      These are the two ways my failed WILDs end up.

      Have you tried to daydream at this point? Or perhaps vividly imagining something might get it kicked off.

      EDIT: I don't know if it was where I posted to this, or something else, but last night, I had an experience something like you describe.

      It was about 8 or 9 this morning after sleeping for about 9 hours. I was in a lucid dream, but is was very thin. I kept crossing between waking and dreaming a number of times. Eah time, I knew I was in a dream, but could not get it to start up. I could visualize sky or grass, but that would be about it and I'd cross back over to the waking world.
      One time, I was awake and begn to see patterns. These changed to me looking at the wondows in an airplane while flying. Unfortunately, I was back awake within seconds.
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