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      Theory about gaining more control in lucid dreams.

      I was looking at another lucid dreaming board, and I read a topic about someone who was having trouble gaining control in their lucid dreams. Basically, he couldn't do things like fly or use telekinesis in his lucid dreams, no matter how he tried, but when he talked to one of his dream characters about this, they told him to throw something against the wall, and told him that it woudl temporarily dent the wall. He threw something, and the wall dented and reformed (Obviously somethign that wouldn't ahppen in real life).

      Anyway, I realised this was similar to an experience I've had in a semi-lucid dream, where I couldn't directly control things, but a genie could teleport me to and from a room.

      Basically, my theory is that you migth eb able to use your dream characters to help you accomplish things in semi-lucid dreams. I think that perhaps if you're having trouble getting control in lucid dreams, it's because your mind is telling you that you can't do something like that, but if you get confirmation from a dream character that you can do something, then you'll be able to. I haven't tested this theory yet, but I've sugegsted it to a few people.

      Anyway, tell me what you think about it.

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      If you get the person to help you then it should normally work. Problem is dream people are not always that helpful. I tried a few times but they always act weird. Its normally nice talking to them though because some come up with pretty crazy stories heh.

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      I think the key is make a concious note that the only one holding you nback is yourself. At least its worked for me. WHenever I cant fly I just stop and think...Its only me stopping myself...and then I jsut do it and it always works. Dream characters seem unreliable to me...but I guess thats jsut another aspect of control I need to work on.
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