Hey i was just thinking about how if you have already thought of a few objects to use in your dream, and thought of what it would look like and what it would do and what it would be called, it could help you have some serious control in your dream because you are already familiar with it. I have not tried this yet because i have not had an LD that i remembered to do it, but i would love to get "Jane" from the Enderes Game series to help me.

Basically jane is a computer program that has a large memeory that is stored in the universe....and she can pop things/people in and out of the universe, and when you are popped out side you can be popped inside anywhere you want, and also you can can make any object you want outside. Also she is basically in a small ear piece so you can talk with her. It think it would be fun and easy dream control to have her, or something like it, becuase if you have already read the enders game series then you know the laws that govern her and it is easier for you to accept them. If anyone has done something like this please post to the thread.

if working properly (by theory) you should be able to creat anything you want be asking
also easy teleportation

probably hard to create