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      Quality of sleep

      If your in a lucid dream does your quality of sleep deacrease?
      I had pretty much my first lucid dream today. I didnt know if it was real cause there was actauly a developing plot and stuff that i could conrtol. it was pretty cool. if you basicaly are sleeping 1/3 of your life you miles as well master this skill since you do it while ur asleep and it one of the only thing doesnt actualy take up time in your day since you gotta sleep anway.
      Also in my dream instead of myself i was bowser for a little bit and i couldnt seam to get back to human. i woke up then i went back to sleep and it went lucid again. LUCID IS SO COOL
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      I wouldn't think your sleep quality would decrease... I mean, nothings changing when you become lucid because we have REM periods whether we are lucid or not and whether we recall the dream or not. The only thing that's chaning is your conscious knowing that you are dreaming. So when you wake up, you may feel tired because your consicious was participating in activites while it would usually be shut down. I'm guessing it's pyscological, since you're physical body wasn't actually acting out the dream.

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