Last night i dreamed where i was in some house, i think it was my childhood house, a few seconds after i started dreaming, i realized that i was dreaming. So i tried to summond this girl, before i walked around the corner i expected 100% that she would be there. I did this twice but failed twice. I forgot to call her but that last time i did that it failed as well. But now my point, i kind of felt that the dream was about to end when i stopped walking, so, i rubbed my hands for a few seconds, it worked and the dream lasted a while. Until i started spinning which actually made the dream come to an end! The last time i spun in a dream, it changed scenes. So i guess the next time i feel the dream about to end or, when i realize i'm dreaming, i'm going to do as others have suggested to other people and that is to, tough things. If there are any more suggestions on other methods, they would be greatly appreciated.