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      So close, but I had no hands.

      Alright well, over this past weekend I had 4 rugby games that each took place an hour and a bit away from "home".

      On the bus i would be listening to music and due to the shaking of my head against the windows i would fall slightly to sleep, i would still dream but i would still be aware of the music playing and a few of my surroundings.

      I don't know how but i had a floating shreddies box infront of my face and i tried to read the nutrition facts but it was all a blur then i remembered someone saying that you can't read in your dreams so i knew i was dreaming.

      Unfortunately my main RC is finger to palm and as i tried to do it i realized i had no hands, i couldn't make them appear infront of my eyes, it seemed like all that existed in that instance was the floating shreddies box.

      how can i fix this? and if i knew i was dreaming due to the inability to read how could i make this a real "lucid" dream? I tried ignoring the shreddies box and putting myself into an evironment but i seemed to be locked into the shreddies box.
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      Links links links...

      You should always do a few RCs, preferably those that use different senses. As for taking real control... This is a problem for a lot of people. Read the dream control tutorial.

      RC tutorial.
      Dream Control

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      It sounds like you weren't very firmly planted in the dream, so everything was a blur and you couldn't control you dream body. That happens with me when I day dream.


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