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      lucid dreaming with sp problem+tip

      so i got into lucid dreaming not to long ago 4 months? maybe less anyways.

      slowly but surely im unlocking my ability to lucid dream and having a great time with it and really enjoying all the aspects of being aware of them and it has really become a huge part of my day to day life.

      Ive got as far as having 2 really good nice lucid dreams and many many many more unpleasent lucid dreams.

      so here is the problem:

      I'm having a really hard time not going into SP as soon as i realize i am dreaming everything useally goes good in the dream untill i realize im dreaming

      everything goes black useally when i notice(most of the time its from a false awakening) i get into SP im slowly being able to overcome the sp and being able to move around quite a bit more even so as to get up walk for a few seconds before i fall to the ground and start not being able to move.

      im wondering if anyone has anytips to help me overcome my SP and continue my dreams and enjoy as much as i possibly can.

      and here is my little tip that im sure most of you are probably aware of.

      (if you fall into a sp from a dream do not become over focused upon waking up let it slowly come to you and barley try to wake yourself up

      upon doing so you will probally have another false awakening and the process will likely start all over.

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      I've had that happen to me once, I don't know what triggers it.
      Maybe your getting to excited?
      Anyways, good luck.

      "You don't have to worry about anything here, you're going to wake up now, but you may come back whenever you like."


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