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      I tried telepathy in my recent LD

      So I was in a bedroom with a few other people. I decided I wanted to try telepathy, so I asked the DCs around me who would let me try it with them. One woman (from one of my past real life classes) said that she would do it. This was not surprising because she was always very open when I had class with her.

      I came up to her and put my forehead on to hers. I listened intently and started to hear something really quiet. The closer i listened the more I thought I was hearing a radio frequency. I told her this and we all had a good laugh, and let it go.

      A little while later I had the feeling I was looking out the back of my head and there was a small digital clock radio on top of the cabinet.

      Anyone else?
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      I've never tried this. For the most part, in LDs, I know what people are thinking. But I've never really focused on hearing them.


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