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      You can do what you like!

      I beleive that once you perfect dream recall and then attain lucidity regularly, you can create any dream scenario immaginable.
      This really excites me because last night i had an amazing lucid dream. My lucid patterns are very random and i don't have them all that often. But when i do i try to really make the most of them as i'm sure you all do too! I mean, last night in my dream i was flying around shooting out lightening bolts from my palms Your mind can create anything and everything if you practice hard enough and perfect the art that is.. lucid dreaming.
      The reason my dream was so vivid also, was because i was in very familiar surrounings. My neighbourhood for example. The mind will automatically fill in the gaps for you and create a false environment sometimes and this is where you find yourself in places you've never been before. I love the fact that the mind can create anything at all during dreams and you can literally experience anything you want. I hope to start having lucid dreams more regularly, and when i do I'm just going to try and create anything i want.. Summon naked women infront of my face.. Teleport.. Stop time.. Absolutely anything!!
      Please feel free to comment back and tell me what your "dream" scenarios would be whilst lucid dreaming, and your techniques on how you would go about making your wildest fantasies possible

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      Read Walms' dream journal.


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