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      everythings dark!

      besides the first lucid dream i had, which was a DILD, theyve all been really short and very dark. I wait tell im pretty tired to get in bed, then in about 5 to 10 minutes i get into a dream. WILD i guess youd say. It always starts off with me getting up from wherever i slept, couch or the bed, and taking a few steps no matter how far i get though, half of my vision (mainly the left side) is always so dark i cant make out whats in front of me, even though i know its my closet or something. After struggling to get to a closed door or to my kitchen, i usually find it very hard to lift my arms, which means i can i never open any doors or escape the room im in. It feels like im being weighed down. 10 seconds was the shortest one so far, then i wake up and immediatly force myself back to sleep within 1 - 2 seconds, and start the process over. Sometimes i make it to differnt areas of my house if theres no doors blocking me, but with the exception of one of these WILDs the only thing i ever managed to do was kick this little black figure that was floating near my front door. It looked like one of the organization members from Kingdom Hearts, just mini haha. It dissappeared after that.
      I usually do this 4 or 5 times a week, but it hasnt seemed to get any better.

      shit, sorry for the paragraph, but any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

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      In one of LaBerge's book he offered a method of screaming "Clarity now!" when the dream lacks clarity. It works like a spell. It can make a vivid realistic dream out of a crappy blurry one. I'd suggest you to try it, scream this at the top of your lungs.

      You can try to feel things around instead of relying on your sight, too. There's no reason to depend on sight only. At first touching may bring you no distinct sensations, but when you touch something, try to feel it, and it's going to be felt better very soon. Usually sight troubles vanish once you get distracted from them, so touching can help a lot with this.

      I hope one of these methods will help you.

      As for your arms, troubles with lifting them should vanish if you succeed, but if you want to get away from the room first, you can try giving a direct order to your door: "Door, open yourself!" It works, but you must make sure that you scream it or say it very forcefully. Good luck.


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