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      remaining asleep

      what are some good ways to not get too excited when you attain lucidity and then realize you're dreaming? i always tell myself to remain calm etc. but it seems i can never maintain control of myself, i get to excited, and promptly wake up... it sucks! also the whole spinning thing never seems to work for me, i try to spin, but find i cannot, so i try to force my enviroment to spin around me, but that usually only makes me wake up faster.... T.T

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      I wish I could give you better advice, but I think it just takes practice. I've been doing this unconsciously since I was a little girl, but even now I still feel that pinch of excitement in my tummy when I realize I'm lucid. It used to wake me up when I was very young and first realizing that I was dreaming. It hasn't done that for a very long time though. Just keep trying and you'll get it.

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      the ocean...
      When you realize your dreaming, and become lucid dont get ahead of yourself, just take everything slow and normal, dont be hasty, dont panic, even take deep breaths if possible, and say things audibly such as, "I will remain aware, INCREASE LUCIDNESS" and things of the like

      Im sure you will be fine with a few more expireneces.

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