If you're reading this, you know who I'm talkn' about...

I decided to post a thread with all the Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nail related dreams I've had so far. This will be my collective thread if further TR dreams continue.

Dream 1: Funny Trent Reznor Dream

Okay so I'm like at this free NIN concert in some large city legion; you know, like those town halls where sometimes small local bands play at. In my mind I'm like, "hm, kind of weird NIN would do a free concert at a small venue like this..." The place practically looks like a highschool gym complete with stage lol. So I'm at this place and it's pretty much full of various NIN fans; some actually watching the show, and others casually talking among each other and I'm like what the hell is this? The music isn't that loud, it's all instrumental sort of Ghosts-like stuff, but not even as impressive, and Trent looks like he's just off to the side of the stage with his nose in a laptop; all laid back Aphex Twin style. At some point I work my way towards the front of the stage and I under my breath or maybe to a friend I say something on the lines of "Why's Trent doing such a small show like this?" And somehow Trent hears me and he says something to me like "You know not everyone feels the need to flaunt a stadium packed concert every time they do a show" or something like that. This whole time I'm quite surprised by how modest and casual this whole thing appears to be. Soon enough however, I find myself just being an observer and I'm looking to the crowd from the stage. Now things are starting to pick up and Trent's more in the center of the stage and his band mates and him pick up their guitars and prep for a song. BUT, as they do this, Trent gets caught up in some cables and something like his guitar strap is hooked with another guitarist right beside him. So now these two guys have their guitars in their hands, but their trying to unhook each other from the cables or whatever, andfinally*they get free and they're like "alright. one. two - " lol and here's the fuckin hilarious part. On three Trent attempts to strike an aggressive guitar riff to start the song, and just as he swings his arm down, the whole neck of his fucking guitar snaps right off from the guitar body and he virtually trips over himself lol. It was so anticlimactic I'm pretty sure I laughed in my dream and maybe woke myself up from it.

Dream 2: Trent Was Doing What I Was Doing Haha!

So in the "waking/real life", I've been working on designing Splinter Cell sort of spy suits just for playing airsoft in. For the past couple years I've been using various materials such as fake leather Halloween bondage gimp suits and used wetsuits purchased off of craigslist as the base of the spy suit (when I say base I mean jacket and pants; before the balaclava and night vision or vest/gadgets). At some point I find myself having this dream and already knowing that somewhere along the lines, Trent also started working on the same project as me just out of chance. He too was designing spy suits for airsoft players. Somehow I eventually found myself borrowing one of his spy suit "bases" (jacket and pants) and I was probably preparing for a photoshoot as well. When I put the suit on and observed more carefully, to my quirky surprise I discovered that he was also using wetsuits as his costume base! I thought it was quite funny that he had thought the same way as me!!

DREAM 3: Bigs... What the Fuck?

Okay so I find myself having an observatory dream in the third person, viewing an interview setting (studio/radio station in this case) through the eyes of a camera. As my camera eyes look around in the room, I see that I'm sort of in between the live room and control room. The walls and floor of the live room are mostly concrete with a window or two on the far side, and their is a medium sized cheap fold-able table in the center, with a good bunch of gear like drum machines, pedals, and synths set up on it. I particularly recall seeing a Yamaha RX8 actually haha... When I saw all this I simply knew that this was actually a How to Destroy Angels setup, and that we were just about to film a live performance of one of their songs.
As the camera pans away from the gear, I hear the host of the show start to speak with a British accent; something on the lines of: "Okay on this side we have the setup here.. Okay very good! And oh! That may or may not be Trent Reznor sitting comfortably in the corner of the room over there!"
And as he says that the camera pans across Reznor, who's comfortably laying or sitting down on a thick cloth reclining chair with an olive green jacket, his headphones on and his attention focused on his laptop. As the camera finds it's way into the control room, still looking towards the live room, the hosts's last phrase was actually Trent's cue to come in and start the interview. So just as the host is finishing his last phrase, Trent slightly interrupts him, gets up and out of his chair and looks towards the camera and host with a grin on his face, and a pair of Splinter Cell-like night vision goggles over his eyes.... lol And in a playful manner, he says this:

"Shows over Bigz. What the fuck."

lol and I wake up from that and I'm like, really? That's what my subconscious made Trent say in my dream? HAHa of course... the F word, but what kind of name is Bigz? lol. I've heard Biggy Smalls but... Also, the night vision goggles actually had some relevance because in my mind, it was part of the music video, relating to a particular songs militaristic theme.

Dream 4: Missed My Chance During A Feast

So I was having dinner or late lunch with a group of acquaintances and some family friends and parents. It was a late afternoon with the sun still out and we all gathered at somebody's home to have a spring or perhaps summer feast. Trent Reznor was among a few guests and sat just across and a little diagonally from me! As we had our dinner I remember thinking to myself "damn.. I know I have all these things I want to talk about with him and and ask but I can't seem to remember any of it..." I recall he was thoroughly engaged with most of the other people but I new I could have easily slipped in some words if I just composed my thoughts in time. I was beside him in time... sighh* he just keeps slipping away...
When we all finished dinner all the guests parted and I was somewhat saddened by this.*

Okay guys, this just in; I had my first*Atticus*Ross*dream! it's been like three or four Trent Reznor dreams so far so this was an interesting change.

So I'm dreaming that I'm in my buddy's (Ryan) car, and Ryan's telling me about how the other night, him and*Atticus*went to get McDonalds' drive thru. (By the way, some how as part of the*dream*I knew these guys hung out regularly just to chill and smoke and talk. My buddy Ryan is a young guy, in his early 20's, and had always loved junk food, pot and video games.*Atticus*followed quite a similar lifestyle in thedream.)
So They got their food and parked somewhere near by the restaurant and just chilled in the car for a bit, customizing their meals like pot heads do; you know, putting the fries in between the burgers, pouring gravy over top of certain parts, stacking the burgers, etc. And somewhere along these moments*Atticus, somehow in the most joking and non-gay way, starts nibbling and kissing Ryan and making funny little nibbly sounds just for shits and giggles; like it was just one of those weird little "things" they would do just to be freaks. As Ryan continues the story to me, he mentions that at some point*Atticus*decided to do the old farmers snort to get some snaught out of his nose, and I recall Ryan saying something like "Yeah man, and when he did that, blood and puss sprayed all over the dashboard and*Atticus*had to leave to take care of his noise".*

That's pretty much the end of the*dream*lol, minus maybe my thoughtful reaction in the car, just thinking imagining that event and pondering my*dream*scenery.

LOL what the fuck eh?

But you know what, after waking up from that*dream, I had a re-kindled appreciation for low brow, simple moments like that. Moments that made up a lot of the weekends in my mid and late teen-hood. You know, being in some part of the semi-city location at night, chowing down on some McDonalds, shootn' the shit. Just from that*dream, I also started to think about that animated film, A Scanner Darkly, which I've never seen but have heard of, and I carried with me into my night shift as a pizza delivery driver, the imagination that I was living in the perfect place to make into an animated film.... What? Idk but I just felt that way. Funny how a*dream*can spark appreciation for mundane or forgotten things.

Dream 6: All Time Low

So I seem to be at this somewhat large and semi-free music festival that's been set up outside in the city at night. There are a few different stages around the area for different bands, playing random types of music, like Jazz and folk. I'm pretty sure I think to myself that it would be cool to see NIN here. I think not even to my surprise though, I walk towards the NIN set and like my previous dream, again it's like this very casual, up close and personal kind of performance. So I get there and pretty much everybody is sitting cross legged or just crouching/kneeling, and there's a good few hundred people or so. I find myself pretty much at the front of the stage a bit off to the side, sitting right beside a crouching Trent Reznor; the both of us spectators of the show at this point, observing the intro to All Time Low. As we all watch, the actual performance is mostly coming from Trent's guitarist and maybe Allesandro as well; guitar stomp boxes on the ground everywhere, analog synth boxes, and various other effects are being played with. And the funny thing is I see how Trent's guitarist setup a large ziplock bag that's connected to some kind of tube that runs to the input of an analog synth, and I think to myself "Oh!! SO that's how they got that ambient sound at the intro I knew it!" And from this belief, I was sure I was not dreaming.... lol what? Well that was dumb of me to not count my fingers to check haha.
So this extended intro keeps going and it's relatively quiet, and some younger kid, maybe in middle school comments to himself and to Trent something like "This is so gay" or "This is really boring man."
And Trent replies in a sarcastic and calm manner, "This is 90's stuff guys... Or I can just play you a DVR..." And what he meant by that was, well that was my dream mind skrewing up the word, but he meant perform the song with most of the sounds just "on tape" as they used to call it, or on CD; not actually done live but through playback. I too decided to comment on the performance to Trent, saying something on the lines of: "I actually have always admired this kind of, on the fly, all hardware experimentation. I always loved playing with various effect pedals and doing things old school style".*
And with this, Trent replied in an interested and genuine manner something like: "Yeah, you know I find I'm able to get a lot more output this way. " He seemed to be struggling slightly with what he was trying to explain and I added in a slightly nervous, but very interested manner "Oh, what do you mean like, you get a lot more done, of which like, 80% of that stuff is very usable material you mean?"
And in a very agreeable tone, with his head ever so slightly nodding, and his eyebrows very straight as usual, he replies "Yeah, yeah.." Kind of pondering in his head at the same time.
At this point the show is sort of over, and everybody starts going there own way. Trent and I get up and I find myself casually walking along side him and a group of fans/strangers as we make our way towards an elevated hallway that connects to a building. Some random person in the groups sees something peculiar through a hallway window that I couldn't really see, and I look back as Trent turns his attention to the window with a little grin and says something in response like, "Oh I could use another house like that". Then I accidentally bump into a fan just in front of me. At this point I continue walking my own way and thinking to myself, "omg, I just talked to Trent Reznor!"

Then I wake up and I'm like, what a dumbass to believe that ziplock bag was the answer to All Time Low lol.
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