Ok so this is the first lucid dream I remember having. I wasn't able to really control or affect ithe i was just mostly along for the ride tho I had slight control over myself. It's pretty strange, and elaborate, as are most of my dreams lucid or otherwise, but to this day this particular dream stands out in my memory.

Ok so essentially the dream starts and im lara croft (or at least someone similar). I first remember being in a mansion (I'm assuming it was croft manor) and seeing a collection of Xbox games on the shelf. I went to see what games they were and the titles were all an unreadable mess of multicolored letters. I don't know why, but this is what made me realize I was dreaming.

So my mission (that I somehow just knew I had to do) apparently was to save a village from a curse that was causing some kind of drought. Apparently, the way to do this was to find the Ancient Monkey Kings crystal flute. So I set out on my adventure, and I'm in this place that looked like it was based off of Tibetan villages, but it was among these massive floating expanses of earth with infinite sky above and below them.

It turns out that some evil mercenary organization was also looking for the flute for (what I assume) was evil world ruling pourposes. Unfortunatly, the mercenary organization had various mechs at their disposal. Roughly based on a mix between Battle Tech and Gundam.

Turns out I was also the only lara croft to not use guns so I had to sneak my way past many mercenaries through various floating sky temples.

It didn't take me long to find the flute but the mercenaries also became aware of my presence.
So as a horde of mechs and dudes with guns descend on me and im suddenly compelled to try to play the flute.

Turns out, playing the flute certain ways causes massive gusts of wind to blow from various direction including somehow blowing directly out of the ground and causing me to float. This can be kinda nerve wracking (I was lucid but it was my first time so it was still pretty freaky) when on free floating chunks of ground in an infinite expanse of sky.

Eventually I use the flute and wind to make it back to the village after escaping the mercenaries and I somehow just knew (because of dream reasons) the proper notes on the flute to summon the monkey king. If you guys have seen that movie with jet-lee and Jackie Chan, where the kid goes back in time, that Monkey guy jet Lee turns into, that was the dream Monkey king. So he breaks the curse and gives me various Monkey king blessings (apparently turning me back into my actual male self) and the village is very greatful and theres a celebration.

Turns out there's a young lady in the village who was extra greatful and decides to show me how greatful. I of course, not wanting to be a rude dream guest, decide to play along.

She leads me into a hut and which happens to contain the upstairs bathroom from my grandparents house in Virginia (I dunno, I've just been rolling with it) and we get into the shower... to get clean.

Unfortunatly, before any fun stuff can happen I begin to feel her shrink in my arms, and I look down in horror as I see her shrinking into a bottle of L'Orel shampoo (the old colorful bottle that had the weird eye on it, I think it was the kids brand).

The dream pretty much ends with me on my knees in the shower cluthching the bottle of shampoo, trying to figure out what the f*** just happened, and trying to will the bottle back into a woman.

I think the effort of trying to affect the dream to hard is what woke me up, as that's usually what wakes me up from my lucid dreams.

Well that's it, that's my first lucid dream I actually remember.