Here is my dream.

Me and someone nameless were walking down my street when we noticed this house that snoop Dogg had just moved into, no sooner do I notice this than we were inside having a drink with snoop. There were piles of pot around the place, after a little while snoop started to become a bit odd, he offered the person I was twenty 10 pound notes to pluck the hair between his eye brows. He then stood up got out a large wedge of cash and said he wanted to shave off my pubes so he could plat them. I wasn't too sure about all of that but I did really want that large wedge of money, he persisted but for one reason or another I had to turn it down.

The large stacks of money laying around the place were waying on my mind. I wanted it. Me and my nameless companion were discussing, weather with our minds or voices, how we were going to get the money, we decided to kill snoop. (Loads happens here hut can't remember) so we set about trying to kill snoop, he put up a fight but in that funny way that you know things in dreams, that weird dream logic. I suddenly realised that because it was snoop Dogg he would have guns hidden around under every service, I was to mearly reech under a likely looking ledge to find what I needed. I had myself a flare gun (not what I intended but it will do.

Snoop got out a real gun and started aiming at me, I fired first and got snoop in the face. Snoop fell and died on the floor with the reed flare hissing away next to his head. I felt dirty and horrible. We took his blood money. After he had taken us into his house and given us pot we had murders him for his money. I was overcome with guilt and disgust at myself for what I had done. I remember thinking of all the famouse pwoplenwhjo had died recently and how sad everyone was going to be now snoop was gone, and no one would know it had been me who had killed him..I remember thinking "Another dead and no one knows why"

We had just left snoops, we were sitting in a white van I was getting paranoid, thinking about if I had wiped off all of my finger prints from everytghing. And I remembered there had been CCTV outside his house. I was worries. I was racked with guilt and selfish thoughts. A lot more happens here but can't remember..
The dream skips a bit.

Me this bloke and his niece were walking through a large hospital, we were worried and paranoid about what we had done and we needed to talk about it so we headed into the basement of the hospital. On our way to our meeting room we noticed this door that we had never seen before. It had a key in the lock. I pulled the key ou,not was odd geometric like patterns I put it back in the door and unlocked opened the door and was greeted by this short fat man painted red wearing a tacky devil outfit grinning profusely I was a little taken a back. He reached out to me "come in, you belong in here for what you did, come in" he purred "if you don't want to come in all you have to say is no. Just say no".
I said no, slammed the door and locked it. I was scared at this point.

We carried on into another room, I could tell things have changed. It felt as if we had slipped into a shadow world of this one. An odd twisty disconcerting feeling that I was in the wrong place. People in crudely constructed animal head masks walked by. We all changed because of the greed that we had felt when we miurderd snoop. Our souls had gone and we had become started to fight each other then, me the nameless man who had helped me kill snoop and the blokes niece. We transformed into things as we fought, the little girl put her arms up fingers outspread and hissed at me.
Dream skips..
It was all over, the fight had been finished , I was the little girl who had wandered alone from the fight, (maybe because she had one. I don't know) I was on top of the hospital very high up as if on a sky scrapper. I was walking around on the wire mesh floor when I came face to face with a man in a suit with a badly made dull head mask of an horse. "What are you doing here?" It said, or rather nayed. I had a feeling he didn't mean on this tower on the hospital but rather what was I doing in that world, in his universe where people had animal heads. " you shouldn't be here" he picked me up and dangled me over the edge of the railings, tourists with bad animal heads looked on impasidly and took photos of me.
I was paying for the murder I had done in the name of greed and seldishness. My soul had been sent to this world for what I had done..

p.S. bonus dream....I woke up after that then went back to sleep...
I dreamt I was a hermaphrodite and had gone my whole life thinking people had two sets of genitals. Was weird that one..