I started out in my garage and my crush Emma Watson was in the garage with me. As we were getting in a car someone walked in and knocked her out. Being concerned and not realizing I was in a dream I waited for her to regain consciousness which I estimate to have taken around 5 minutes. Shortly after her recovery I chased down a guy and knocked him out. When I say chased I mean teleported but in terms of the dream plot line I said and thought I chased them down. Next upon reappearing in my garage I made sure she was okay and then we drove to a culvers. For some reason she drove to the culvers despite just being knocked out less than 10 minutes prior. Upon arrival we got out of the car and we saw Kim Jong Un walking into the culvers and Emma said something along the lines of why does Kim Jong Un own a culvers in America? I then looked back at her and realized I was in a dream. After realizing that I was in a dream with Emma Watson I woke up from excitement. I am pretty annoyed that I didn't get to talk to her but instead woke up from the dream.