This dream was quite the dream for me because it has been my most vivid and long dream since joining the site, well it's one of the longest in my dream journal anyway. It felt awesome aswell, as in the horror style.

Ok, well I'll just say stuff like "Another part was when..." because I'm finding it quite hard to remember all this. Anyway, the first bit was when I was carrying this girl from my school back to my house, I don't know why though. She was like halfway on my shoulder and I told her to grip tight so she did. The layout of walking home was like my Lytham, literally round the corner from my house. Anyway, I'm like feeling sorry for her because of her home and all that. So we get home and a few Dream Characters were there, I don't know who they were but they were meant to be my friends in the dream so they were just there. So after a little talk about something I don't know or can't remember, I look for her for a while because she's gone. The final place I checked was next to the stairs, I opened the front door and I see a milk carton in the distance which was meant to be her, but I see a few other milk cartons there too, and then some of those rabbits from the trailer of The Simpsons Movie, and they were all walking towards me so I think "Ugh" and close the door. But the dream was connected in the way that it was the house of a different bit.

Another part was when I was walking across this town just for a wander as my dad is out in town aswell, and suddenly I don't have a home but I have the clothes I need. So I'm walking along and that's all. The atmosphere was all smokey and stuff.

I remember coming back home, I was running past this shop and there was a puddle with mud and garbage water, and as I am running I fall in to it and get the mud and garbage water all up my leg. So when I get up, I walk into this shop expecting them to feel sorry for me and give me new clothes, but all I remember about being in that shop is just standing there. But when I do get home (I have a home now), me and my friends are having the idea: Where's dad? and I suddenly remember having a flashback of walking past him in the smokey town with the strange atmosphere. I don't remember if I did the [O.O] emoticon with my face or not.

Another bit. We went into this room, and it was a room where people eat their dinner, Dining Room is it? So yeah, and there's a cupboard towards the wall, and I was trying to get a chair to fit in the gap between the cupboard and the dining table. But obviusly it doesn't fit so I think I just put my chair where it fit best, I don't know if I remember doing that though. So we're just sitting there, and suddenly this scene is about Rimmer from Red Drawf, he was sitting the edge (same side of the room as the cupboard) of the table and opposite him was a man looking like the singer from Nivana, the singer from Nivana was meant to be Rimmer from the future. He was talking to Rimmer while the 'camara' was zoomed into them as they where speaking, as they do when people speak on the television something. Anyway, Rimmer's speaking at the 'I am enightened' and questioning voice and the Rimmer from the future (who looks like the guy from Nivana) is speaking in the 'I am god' voice. Future Rimmer says something about a year and Rimmer's saying something about death, I don't know why but that's all I remember of that scene of the dream and wha they were saying.

I remembered some bits, going down the road to brining this girl back to my house on my shoulder with her lags behind me, I remember seeing two little girls who were also my friends back in school, I saw sem ontop of the stairs leading to the bridge, the two little girls were called Chelsie and Rose, I think that's how you spell them. They were in their skirts from the infants.

Think this outside trying to throw people off a cliff, and coming up to me in a wearhouse, remember, it's a giant!