The void
I think this was influenced by The Mist.

The first thing I remember is being dead, and disembodied. I was drifting fast into the afterlife. I come to some kind of gate, that is guarded by a Gargoyle looking creature.
I am aware that I had sold my soul to some evil being, and I'm being drawn to where ever it is that this being keeps it's captured souls.

The gargoyle creature pulls open the gate, And it's nothing but pure darkness inside. I was a little afraid to enter. But then, I must have become partially Lucid, because I am aware that this is not real. I lose all fear and decide to just go with it, and see what happens.

I enter the darkness beyond the gate, And I begin falling fast through a dark void.
I eventually hit the bottom, and I now find myself on the roof of a house, Along with a group of other captured souls. There is light around our house, but beyond the light is nothing but darkness.

I hear screaming. I look over the side of the house, and there is a man on the ground.
There is some kind of creature that looks kind of like a giant frog. The frog creature has it's long tongue wrapped around the man. And is slowly dragging him towards it's open mouth.

I now have a long blade in my hand. It's kind of like a machete. I jump from the roof and land between the creatures open mouth and the man. I begin hacking at the tongue, until I finally cut through it. I move to help the man up. there is some kind of large bug on him. I pull it off him, and a mass of tiny bugs come swarming out of the larger one, and begin to cover me.

Frantically, I begin swatting at them and trying to brush them away. I get them mostly cleared off, and the other man and I climb back to the top of the roof. There is a group of other people up there. And everyone is afraid and talking about the situation.
people are starting to argue about what to do. We can hear the sound of unknown creatures beyond the light, waiting for their chance to attack us.

I don't remember why, but the group suddenly looks to one woman. They say that she is not a real person and she doesn't even know it. I guess she is supposed to be some kind of android, with artificial intelligence. She says "I know I'm not a real person!"
The mob doesn't care. who knows why, but they all start to attack her. They want to tear her apart. I move to her defense, And I'm trying to fight off the mob for a little bit before waking up.