Before I get to the dream, let me just say that I don't seem to have this type of dream anymore, but it still haunts me, and there are variations of them. Anyway, here is the gist of the dream plot:

It would start out like a normal dream. I might be at school or home. But later on, I would hear people talking about to prepare for this "something" that's coming. This something was not a physical object, but rather an abstraction. And the premise behind this something is that, once any dream character was engulfed by this, that person was stuck inside forever. I was usually the only one captured. When captured here are some of the things that would happen:
1. Sometimes I would hear strange noises from it, almost like it was "alive" but not really.
2. If I waited awhile, the something would haunt me by replaying a previous portion of the dream before I was trapped. After that segment was over, I would transition to being trapped in the something. Then the loop would start over. Sometimes it was a new dream segment, other times it might've been the same one.

Here are some extra notes:
1. Sometimes my mom would be trapped in the dream with me in the beginning. I would feel comforted a little.
2. Once trapped, I felt two things: like I wanted to escape, yet at the same time, knowing that I couldn't, I would just accept my fate.
3. The sights and sounds while inside the something, varied from dream to dream, but the colors were very muted colors, almost close to black. Before being trapped, the colors in my dream were very vibrant, which is normal.
4. In one variation of this type of dream, I saw myself being trapped from the outside, yet feeling like I wanted to get out from the inside. It was a round and white blob of sorts.
5. I would usually wake up from these dreams feeling a tad shaken up. At the same time, I would feel relieved that it was just a dream and have a normal dream.

I've been thinking about this dream recently and I have come to the conclusions that maybe my mind created a vortex or black hole, but didn't know how to create a way to get out.

What do you guys think?