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      help. dreams about ex causing emotional troubles. opinion?

      I have had two dreams in the past week about an ex girlfriend of mine. Both have been extremely emotional in the dreams and have also manifested troubling emotions in real life. I am hoping someone can help me understand what they mean so I can overcome these emotions because they are quite distracting. To start, I will give a background to the relationship I had with my ex.

      She and I were together for around four years, sometimes on and off. She is the only woman I have ever deeply loved and the connection we had was once in a lifetime in my opinion. We broke up last year around this time because she moved away. We kept in contact, but unfortunately things happened that tore us apart. In the last month or so she has been ignoring me altogether. And I do not know why. In my dream, I will refer to her as "K"

      DREAM 1:
      The dream started with K and I in my car. I was driving around the town I live and she had come back to visit me. We stopped at a gas station and she got out and went inside. I waited and waited and she never came out. This upset me a little. Flash forward, and the next part of the dream I am in front of a white horse. I go to climb on it and it does not struggle. As I grab the reigns and try to ride it, the horse does not seem to want to comply at first, but eventually let's me take control. I then ride around on it searching for K. I eventually come to a house made out of wood and go inside. There is an older man sitting in the living room. He does not speak to me and I say nothing to him, but I sit down in a chair. In front of me I see a bottle of vodka and contemplate drinking some, but I don't. I then pull out my phone and start texting K telling her that I am sad and that I've been looking for her. Flash forward again and in the third part of my dream it is nighttime and i am walking to my house and I see two people walking ahead of me, and I believe one of them to be K. I walk to the porch of my house and sit down with two of my friends. I start texting K telling her I saw her and further expressing how upset I am that she is avoiding me. She replies that she doesn't want to see me. It is then that I start to cry. I am crying so hard I can't make words come out. My friend asks me what is wrong, and I reply "im about to lose it". Then I wake up and realize that I am actually crying.

      DREAM 2:
      I am at the mall with some of my friends. In the dream I feel pleasant and content. My friends and I are waiting in line for something, then all of the sudden everyone starts to hide as if it was a game of hide and seek. As my friends hide I stand there looking at their hiding spot and laughing. When the "seeker" comes around the corner she looks at me and says "good spot" even though I am standing out in the open. I then walk away and find K standing near the entrance to a hallway as if she was there by coincidence. We then speak and I ask her if she wants to leave. She says yes and we turn and she says yes. We start walking down the hall and as I put my arm around her I kiss her and tell her that I've missed her a lot. I am feeling very happy as we walk outside. Flash forward to the second part of the dream, K, myself, and two of my friends are outside of the mall on a rolling hill covered in lush green grass. The setting is very serene and it seems like we are waiting for someone. Then my friend says " forget them let's go into the bunker." So my two friends climb down the 1st entrance while K and I go down the other entrance. When K and I reach the bottom I am aware that my two friends are cut off from us so I climb back out to go down the other hole where my friends are. When I reach to top, I turn around and look down at K as she starts to follow me up the latter. I notice a spider on its web covering the manhole that I had just come from. The web is very intricate and the spider is mid sized and black. I tell K to wait and I try to wipe the web and spider out of the way but it is at this point that I wake up, thus ending my second dream about K.

      These two dreams have bothered me all week, as I feel that there is significant meaning behind them. I would be very grateful if someone could offer an opinion about what they mean. Thanks in advance.

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