My cousin is with me in my exgirlfriends flat, by changing the sim card on my phone I fall into a circle of psichodellic light (falling down feeling, though non lucid dream)
I appear in the same place, but clearly some time before or after the trip (different furniture disposal, light etc...)

First dream involving conscious time travel (or any sort of realm travel), first dream guide (he knew about the sim card trick, not me)


The night before, I dreamed that (will make it short) in order to convince my friends that the city park was an energy well, a small brown eagle lets me fly arround the place grabbed to his legs/claws. The task seems enormously easy since the place radiates a very strong and positive energy. First flying dream


Im walking, hopefully towards metaphisical awakening (third eye view, clairvoyance, astral travel, energy sensitivity...) dreams are just one of the things that have started to change. Any possible words of experience'?

thanks a lot!