Hi, everyone. I'm new here; this is my first post. I dream almost every night, and I'm always fascinated by the dreams. Ever since I was a kid, I've had dreams occasionally that were eerily accurate in predicting the future. I'm a 28 year old female who has been struggling with a lot of indecision, uncertainty, and love-troubles in life recently.

Yesterday I had a dream that I was a male leopard living in a zoo. There were no other female leopards, so I had to mate with all the other big cat females. This was fine with me, and I particularly enjoyed mating with the female clouded leopard because she was beautiful. In the dream I didn't feel like I was a captive. I felt strong, like the king of all the other cats at the zoo, like it was my right to have all the other females, even if they weren't my species.

Last night, I dreamed again that I was a leopard. This time, I was myself that had turned into a leopard. I was scavenging in a garbage dump, sniffing the ground and pawing at things I deemed interesting. I wasn't looking for food, I was looking for electronics, like photography equipment (I'm a photographer in real life, though what a leopard would want with something like that, I don't know). A chubby man in a black polyester coat and a hat with a metal detector was walking toward me, he was also scavenging. Then I stumbled upon some old photos of myself and my family on a vacation from when I was a child. There were photos of me as a 9 year old, my sister as a teenager, my parents, and even a stuffed unicorn toy. New York City was in the background of many of the photos, but we didn't actually vacation there. (I've been visiting NY state and NYC a lot.) I was ecstatic to have found the photos, so I showed the man with the metal detector a photo of me as a child and told him that was me. He seemed confused, and asked something like, "That's cool. Well, you're a leopard now." Then I woke up.

If I'd watched a show about leopards on Animal Planet or seen a picture of a leopard recently, this wouldn't intrigue me at all. But I can't recall any brushes with leopards recently...