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      help please!!

      What does this mean???

      For the past 3 nights Ive had almost the exact same dream. I don't usually remember my dreams and rarely dream. I keep having a dream that I stop my friends marriage. And its not in a good way. My friend is a female but she doesn't play much of a role in the dream. I keep dreaming that I have a huge argument with her and drop out of the wedding(im a bridesmaid), but I never remember exactly seeing her face just the foggy outline and her voice. I don't remember what the argument was about. But Her soon to be husband plays a huge role in the dream I see him vividly and can hear his voice clearly and its like I can feel him near me. In the dream I'm in love with him and think he's making a huge mistake. I tell my female friend that she's trash and a liar and selfish. I never actually tell him how I feel or ask him not to marry her. But he doesn't marry her. Instead he comes looking for me asking me what I said to her and why and if I have feeling for him. I don't remember all of the conversation but we're outside somewhere in the country its warm and breezy, sunny with a bright blue sky and only a few puffy clouds. There's an old wooden fence that I am sitting on when he first walks up. I remember feeling him standing in front of me like he was actually there. I remember feeling excited, nervous, and alight embarrassed almost ashamed. I can see his face vividly though and hear him laugh and see the way he smiles. Then he kisses me and its like the dream spins out of focus and I wake up abruptly. But it seems so real.

      Now for a little actual life background. My friend really is getting married this weekend and I really am a bridesmaid. She is a very close friend of mine that I adore. I am also friends with her soon to be husband but have never though of him like that. I'm in a relationship myself with the father of my children (not married). Our two family's (they have kids too) spend a lot of time together. We do BBQs and park days and game nights. The soon to be husband a wife couple have fights and some serious problems quite frequently and I am usually the one they both call to talk to. I never tell the other what is said or that the other even called and I would never tell them to call of the wedding. All that aside though they're usually very happy and love each other.

      Im just incredibly confused by my dream. In the dream I can actually see how I feel about him all over my face and I feel very strongly for him as if Im in love with him. I can feel the tension and chemistry between us in the dream. And in the dream I have such almost hatred for my friend. I just need some input.... what does this mean????

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      I don't really understand what causes recurring dreams... But I think it has something to do with you expecting to have the dream again once you've had it twice or more. Think - we dream several times a night, so that leaves many opportunities for us to have the same dream again - and we're likely to remember it if it's having a big effect on us...

      Also, since this is a very important event, especially to women, you may be having these dreams due to anxiety about the upcoming wedding. If you find yourself thinking about the wedding all the time and what you'll do when you get there - you'll find yourself DREAMING about it too.

      But anyway, as far as advice goes, the best thing to do is to try not to think too hard on it. If you do you may find yourself acting on it and actually ruining the wedding. This dream doesn't MEAN anything. Dreams are dreams, and life is life. Go to the wedding and don't let the dream consume it.

      Um, what is the deal with people from Texas? It's like word about lucid dreaming is spreading all throughout the state or something... I wouldn't be surprised if it was though - In many parts of Texas there's not much to do but sleep and eat. (my town for instance)
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