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      Snake comming out of another Snake

      I'm 35 I'm not one of those who can remember dreams like movies neither I'm blessed with an ESP brain who help me in every matter however The only time my brain warns me through dream is when I have an enemy around (a person which is in direct contact with me but I'm not taking him as an enemy) i.e I see snakes in dream and so far to some extent I could interpret those hints by myself ,In the past I saw these kind of dreams

      Dream -A Snake sleeping next to me
      Feeling-When I woke up I had a feeling an enemy is very near to me but will not harm me
      reality - I had a cheating Girl friend which I trust more than myself thank GOD I caught her red handed and broke up with her

      Dream-Snake standing with me and trying to bite me
      Feeling- When I woke up I had a feeling I'm escaped but it was a close call
      reality- At workplace my subordinate planned a trap for me Plan was perfect but fortunately my other subordinate told me about his plan in last moment otherwise I could have faced a job termination with a lot of embarrassment

      3-(The most useful so far)

      Dream - A very strong snake(anaconda lookalike) I am afraid and try to grab him with my hand but rather holding him near head I always endup puting my hand in middle of his body where it can move vigorously and chances are If I don't leave him he will damage me severely
      Feeling-when I woke up I had a feeling that the enemy I'm trying to harm is far more stronger than me and I'm not well equipped to properly handle him so leave him as it is and it will move on without harming me

      reality - One of my relative which I was helping in return of some small money was trying to take advantage of me and treating me as his slave and when I realised I planed to give him a blow-back but this time thanks to my dream when I reconsidered all aspects I found that I may give him a small punch but in return he can almost destroy me so I just got rid of him

      Ok this was the past but Last night I saw a similar dream twice I never saw same dream twice in one night ever which was as below

      Dream-My aunts family has came to see us her (I can only remember her elder daughter) there is a box at the door of my room with some stuff in it and then I notice a strange looking thing inside the box when I look closely it is a snake it is opening his big mouth and another snake is coming out of his mouth (toward my room) I got frightened go out to see what I can do to kill him however during dream the fear of snake was much higher that I was just standing still and watching him) but meanwhile scene changed and I saw a young long black Snake (which came out of first snakes mouth ) is going inside my room (I can even recall his black skin texture) with a possibility that another snake is also in there

      Feeling- the only feeling associated with this dream was a snake coming out of another snake an unseen big danger and then I go back to sleep
      Dream -same night-I again saw a snake opening his mouth (and this time I saw a closeup view of second snake) the second snake face was horrible a snake & fish like black long head coming out of other snake's mouth This time I was alone in house and snake face was not toward my room but it was in front yard
      Feeling - Again the only feeling left was a snake coming out of snake and a big danger

      Ok guys that was the whole story this new hint a Snake coming out of another snake a lot of fear and no courage to kill him what this all meant and personally I'm not a brave man in real life that was one thing in dream that I had no courage to kill him

      pls help in interperating this dream which may help me in bypassing another setback in life currently I'm living a miserable life no job for last three years
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