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      Dream about having an ability and it not being accepted

      Hello, I had this dream last night and it has just been on my mind constantly ~ Any help with analysing it would be greatly appreciated.

      I was a boy, perhaps 16 years old, who was with his family and the rest of the street. The scene felt good to start off with. I remember smiling as I watched them all going outside to take part in sports together. (It felt like sports day to me! I really don't like sports day..) I wasn't too keen myself in the dream either, and tried to sneak around the house to get away from the events. I was smiling like a boy who wondered if he'd get caught, when I saw my dream mom tried to sneak away for the exact same reason..! We decided to join forces and make a run for it together, which seemed innocent enough..! Though I noticed my mom was hesitant about it at first. However, after pleading with her that sports wasn't my specialty, she finally agreed..!

      Halfway down the street though people from our street who had joined in the event began filing out of the garden and chase after us..! I was really confused, I mean why did they care that we were trying to miss the day? Especially when there was already so many taking part, and we were just two people! Mom came out of the blue, which tore my gaze away from those chasing us, and told me that I can fly! She didn't give me time to take this in, just told me to do so to get away from those pursuing us! I focussed as hard as I could as we continued to run, so many thoughts in my mind, and all of a sudden found myself up in the air. I quickly grabbed my mom looking for somewhere we could talk, and get away from those chasing after us..!

      We found an empty house, where mom began to tell me that my dad was from a different world. (Dad was still with us, though he went out to join in with the sports day and leave me to my 'mischief making'!) That's where I got the ability to fly from. I was confused about why they'd kept it a secret, and began to ask questions. I had so much on my mind, and just didn't have a clue what was going on..! Unfortunately we were interrupted though - It didn't take long for the people of the street to find where we were, and break into the house. Mom kept me behind her, but I didn't want to put her in danger from what appeared to be a mob right now. Instead I flew up in the air, and moved past them as fast as I could..!

      It felt like they didn't like how different I was to the rest of them, and now that I was discovering just who I was they wanted to stop that. As I went past them they kept throwing things at me, but I didn't stop. I flew up the stairs quickly and when I got to a room, shut and blocked the door..!

      This is all I can remember from my dream.

      I'm 27 years old, and I'm not a boy. Though I often get mixed up in dreams where I am. My situation at home, well I don't exactly get on with the neighbours, so perhaps that would be relevant? We're not a community that talks but we all keep to ourselves, so perhaps there's an outcast feeling in the back of my mind?

      Thanks again for any help you give me!
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