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      Translate my dream?

      Two cars were street racing and after they passed a girl in a plastic police looking vehicle showed up and stopped by a building I talked with her andI asked her if she would like to go behind a building and help a virgin out, after some thought she said sure and we went in the building and I remember talking with someone in there about business maybe, the next thing I remember I am in a car and two men are up front complaining that the girl spends their money to much and I said if they are giving it to her then she will spend it and its her money, after that I remember being in a town that was protected by a large dam and I heard or just knew that it had been destroyed before when the dam was less well built, I then found myself in the old town, in the distance I could see huge brown plastic squares that had a little tab at the bottom that held them up and also held the water back, as I walked up a mountain there was a large gap in between two panels a small screw hole and lots of cracks, I could also see the water right at the edge, I started shouting I think and told someone about it and also made a joke about seeing why their town got destroyed, I then kept walking and me, the girl, and a very big man with a cane found ourselves walking around on a mountain made of loose shale like rocks, I slipped and the man offered me his cane and I missed it but was saved by the girl, I later came up behind the girl reached under her shirt and played with one nipple and reached the other down and played with her pubic region she then turned out to be my brother and told me that's not my nipple and I said I was a virgin I didn't know what I was doing, the man told stories of how he lost weight and got in the military and then he slipped on the shale and went far down but saved himself

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      That dam is/was a mess asking for a flood.

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