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      Can someone interpret my dream?

      This came from another post on the introduction forum just copy and pasted

      Hello, I'm just looking for an interpretation or opinions on an experience I had that never really made sense.
      To give you an idea of who I am, I'm a 17 year old Caucasian Canadian with Scottish and Swiss background.
      I have brown hair with hazel eyes that don't work very well, I am 5'11 and my favorite color is indigo.
      I'm interested in learning about music and psychology, and I spend most of my time working, completing high school,
      and spending time with my girlfriend. I'm here because I had a strange and exciting experience and I
      want you to try to visualize it and feel it the best you can.

      Whether or not this is the most appropriate place to post this, the experience I had was short
      but very intense and I am mainly looking for opinions.

      A little bit about that day..

      About 6-8 months ago I was sleeping after a day of only hanging out with my girlfriend
      talking about different philosophies such as buddhism and christianity, and also talking about life plans
      and goals. We were thinking about God and the problems of today's Earth and how people
      should live different and not care so much about material things instead of the experience of living.
      We were talking about all of this stuff for weeks prior to this night and it didn't influence my dreams at all.
      In fact, I barely even had dreams, usually I just close my eyes and see darkness until I wake up.
      It felt like it was going to be like that again but a random dream came into play in my mind very suddenly,
      It wasn't exactly lucid but I was very aware of my surroundings in a 180 degree view and I definitely knew
      that my eyes were closed

      I randomly appeared in space, I did not breathe and I could not see my body, I was just conscious.
      I was confused as to why I was suddenly in space, I looked around right to left and saw what looked
      like Jupiter which looked like the size of our moon from my location. I noticed the sun and I noticed
      the light coming from it. The light wasn't intense it was just there.
      For about 10 seconds I was just looking at stars the sun and the planets in the distance,
      I was just confused and concerned, it wasn't amazing or anything because I was just floating.

      I looked over to my left and saw a thin line appear out of nowhere and stretched out.
      As I focused on it I noticed the line was actually thicker than it looked and it
      was also 3 dimensional. It was colored purple and it was pretty big so visualize a big purple log
      in space. It looked like it shifted and it appeared in front of me and it was moving above me.
      There was a black line that appeared and it split it horizontally so there were two floating purple logs..

      I was intrigued and incredibly calm until in a flash they spread apart and INSTANTLY formed a giant purple eye
      with a black pupil looking directly at me. I instantly felt a sort of fear because it
      gave off such a strong force I could almost hear it speaking to me in a gentle tone but the intensity
      felt like a nuclear bomb went off in front of me. I could feel it looking into my soul. It stared at me with
      the strongest force I've ever felt for about 5 seconds before I couldn't handle it and I woke up with my
      body shooting straight up so i was sitting up, my forehead sweaty, and a very deep gasp coming
      from me. I sat there in shock and it has been embedded in my mind since it happened.

      Tell me what you think of it does it have meaning or is it just a dream?

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      Sounds like a psychedelic trip, wow.

      I would say that was not just a dream, but you astral projected instead and went very deep within yourself and somehow you felt what your subconscious thinks of God. I would meditate on this experience, as you will get a lot of wisdom from within your own mind, without the need of external help
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