I was in the woods and come across several big brown bears that start chasing me. Terrified, running away, I come across an abandoned looking house to hide in. It looks extremely old and like its about to just fall down from age. The door isnt open but opens easily. I run up the creaky stairs, find a back room and shut the rotted wood door. A few bears follow me inside and up the stairs and one bear starts to scratch down the door. I see his claws starting to come through the door and realize he is goin to get through and I feel terrified. I get past him and back out into the hallway and at that point I realize he does not want to hurt me he just wants to be petted and loved on. There is only one bear at this point. That's when I woke up. I have been in a solid relationship for 3 years and I am crazy about animals I probably like them more than most people.