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      Hey, haven't been here for a while but I thought this dream was really significant, and I'd like to record it.

      Started the dream off and I was dying from some sort of disease or physical wound. I was on a tall tower in the open air with my girlfriend. Sitting down with her next to me there was no guard on the side of the building I thought I was about to die at any moment I didn't want to die this way and asked her to push me off and end it. She pushed me, it was a long fall then I finally hit the bottom. I felt pain and my body physically burn away everything went black for what it felt like almost a minute. I woke up a minute later in a bed next to her just like nothing happened. I clearly remembered that I just was pushed off a building and that I died. I pretended like nothing happen because she didn't say anything or recall it. I went on with my life at first I thought I was in heaven, I didn't think that was possible but I was filled with joy that after death you could possibly be resurrected into an alternate reality. I was just ecstatic that I was still living it felt like I had a brand new start and there was nothing to worry about anymore. I explored my new world, all of my old places I used to visit were exactly the same as in real life down to the items placed in the rooms (Which normally doesn't happen in a LD or non lucid dream for me). At this point I did perform a nose plug reality check, it was positive that I was in a dream but I just couldn't stop thinking about how I just died and came back to life and also the clarity of my dream at that moment. I visited normal places I would go in real life the people acted normal and had many thoughts for being dream characters, it was just super clarity and memory that created these dreams. It felt like a huge load was lifted off my back after this dream, I woke up in a great mood. I haven't even tried to LD for almost a year now and this just hit me by chance but it was the most significant lucid I've ever had.
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