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      What is this dream?

      I've had a very mysterious dream around four times the past two years. I have searched the internet, but I haven't found anyone describing what I am experiencing.

      This is how it happened today:

      I have trouble sleeping at night, and I'm lying down on the side (my normal position).
      I slowly sink into the dream world where I'm eating lunch at my cousins new flat. Here is the scary part!
      After that everything is black, and I'm lying face down and completely blind. I hear a loud male voice, almost "demon" like, mumbling in my ears and blowing down my neck.
      I am terrified, but I soon realize it's just one of ''those dreams'' because I recognize it from the other times. My whole body is weak, paralyzed, and I feel a tingling sensation down my spine as the voice gets louder and blows more air down my neck. It goes on to almost unbearable lengths.
      Now I'm just waiting it out.
      I try to get up as hard as I can, and after maybe ten seconds I do get up.
      I open my eyes and sit up. My heart is pounding and I am sweaty.
      When I woke up I was lying on my back, which I never do.

      I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced similar things, or know what this is. It doesn't really scare me but I'm curious as to what this is.

      Does it seem like sleep paralysis?
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