Hi everyone,

So I just woke up earlier this morning very weirded out by what I had dreamed. I dreamt that I was at the house of Stefan Salvatore. Yet he wasn't a vampire and had parents that were also living with him. We were also in love. Like full on boyfriend and girlfriend. We were just hanging out together then his aunty, uncle and cousins showed up. I remember he had to leave with them for some reason but said that I was able to stay and wait for him. I didn't realise his parents were still at home as I would have left. But just as Stefan left they came out and started getting angry at him that he would just leave me there. His mum started rattling on about how I was going to have his child and I needed to prove myself. So all of a sudden there we were, my mum, his mum and me all walking into this strange department store and I was holding a little baby that was apparently stefans little brother. I woke up just as we were leaving the department store.

Could anyone please try and interpret my dream? I know it's a little weird but would love to know what it means thanks!