Hey all! I'm going to get right to the point today. (:
I actually have two things I would like for this dream: To know if it was a lucid or just a very vivid dream, and what it means.
A little bit of background information: Female, 22 years old (though when I had the dream I was around 15-16), and at the time I was completely in LOVE with Logan aka Wolverine from X-Men. He was one of my biggest fictional character crushes, and still kind of is. He's in the top ten. (; Anyways, I've never really had... adult thoughts until around age 15, being the teenage hormones were flaring and flying all over the place.
One last thing: when I had this dream, I had just woken up in the middle of the night. I always listen to music when I sleep, so my earphones were still in my ears when I had woken up and could still hear the music playing and the song was the beginning of 'What Hurts The Most' by Rascal Flatts. (This will be important later.) I saw the clock and saw it was only three in the morning, so I laid back down so i could get more shut eye and fell back asleep, and that's when the dream happened. Now, onto the dream!

It started off like one of those shows where they show a couple of camera shots of the front yard, neighborhood, backyard, whatever. (Kind of like Reba, if I remember the show correctly.) The 'camera' then zooms into my dream and focuses on 'me' as I walk out of my front door. ( This is basically what my house looked like in the dream: http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7...30dwo1_500.jpg , except it had a large, round ceramic pot thing near the front door, which is where the mail was at.) In my dream, I looked different than what I do in the real world, but not by too much. She had all the same features as me, (brown hair, blue eyes, tall...) but she was way prettier all and thinner than I am in the real world. It was like she had flawless skin and the perfect hair and body. All around perfect. Anyways, the dream continues onto showing me absentmindedly walking towards the mail thingy, not really paying attention to anything in particular. This is when I noticed that I could hear the music playing, but it wasn't loud. More like quietly in the background. I grabbed the mail and lazily flipped through it, and now the dream was in first person POV for a little while. I heard a voice calling from indoors and my emotions at the time we're suddenly happy and strangely excited. When I walked in, I saw none other than Logan! The dream is third person again and I saw myself run up to Logan and tightly hug him before passionately kissing him. Before it got any further my dream character pulled away and raised an eyebrow at him, basically playfully rejecting his advances at the time. I remember her saying that he had to go to work, and he returned with he had ten minutes to spare. My character just rolled her eyes and shooed him away, so he walked away all disappointed like. My character turned around when she saw he was gone and out of sight, when a man put his hand over mouth and one hand behind her head, pulling her tightly against him as he basically dragged her outside against her will. It now alternates between first person POV and third.
PG13 CONTENT! Not graphic, just has a tiny bit to do with suggestive themes.

It starts off as first person POV as I thrash and scream for Logan, though he can't hear me. It is now third person and I can see my character's pants half down to her knees, but nothing is shown, (meaning that her genitals were there, they just weren't visible) while she's being held down on the ground right outside the front door. The man is kneeling next to her and grinning like a psychopath as he put his hand on her shoulder and slowly ran it down her side. This causes her to scream more before he pressed his entire hand against her pelvis, just right above where her genitals were. Suddenly it's first person and I freeze, completely still, not even screaming anymore as I held my breath. I wanted to scream, but it seemed as though I couldn't. He then proceeded to say, 'You're scared, aren't you? But admit it, you love it. The feel of me against you.' He then... well, I won't go into detail because that's not necessary, but let's just say that it wasn't a very enjoyable minute or two. During this, of course it's when the music got louder and more audible, like a music video or something. After he was done, he just suddenly disappeared and Logan came back outside and completely didn't notice that I was naked and instead talked and Interacted with me like I wasn't. It was quite odd to say the least. I looked down at my body and saw that I had my clothes on again, but a word was scribbled on my shirt in a red, almost blood looking color. That word was, 'Taken.' Now, it seemed Logan noticed and he looked from me to the street by our house, his fists clenching and his eyes blazing with fire. (Not literally, he was just really angry. x) ) The blades between his knuckles shot out, but instead of chasing after the guy, he turned and slashed me across the stomach, while calling me a degrading name. I fell to the ground in pain and shock, staring up at at him wide eyed. Before he could hurt me again, the dream began notably fading and I woke up immediately after. The weirdest part was that the verse the song was on in my dream, was the same exact verse I woke up to. I woke up with tears in my eyes and an aching feeling down... there, as well as a dull pain in my abdomen. I also felt scared and like someone was watching me, and I stayed up the rest the night, jumping at every little sound outside.

Now, two things.
1. Was my dream lucid or just a dream where my conscious was awake just enough to register the music and have it infused in my dream?
2. What did the dream mean? I know it might have been just another nightmare, but the way It made me feel when I woke up was beyond any nightmare I ever had, including the aching that I've never felt even in other physical dreams. I've never felt so paranoid and couldn't stop the chill that ran down my spine whenever I remembered the word on my shirt. Even as I'm writing this, it gives me goosebumps, and not the good kind. Also what about Logan's behavior? Why did he attack me and not the guy? I don't know if it had meaning behind it, but for it to creep me out that much makes me cautious. Should I be worried?

Thanks for any help!!