I keep having these dreams that involve a friend of mine whom I can't tell if I love or hate. I just know I'm overly jealous of her and her creatitvity. She pretty much has her origional (and sometimes not so origional) characters that are alive in her mind (or her toys/stuffed animals) and I am really quite jealous because I'm mostly alone for the day and that can contribute to my lonliness i keep having. So anywho, onto the dream.
I had one dream of her before this last night, but I don't remember that one. So, we were at our shared high school (we both graduated this year). It started off in the lunch room which wasn't the same as the lunch room of the high school. It was sort of morphed. I remember sending her a note on deviantart (art website we're both on) about my possible identity crisis that I'm pretty certain she inadvertantly brought on. (which I did send in real life when I was half asleep and having woken up in between dreams) I don't remember what happened next, but I do remember going to math class with our high school math teacher, but it was a college level math class (which I am so dreading when I have to take it). I had refused to reply to what she sent me about that DA note. I sat down in what I thought was her seat to annoy her (because she annoyed me and I wanted to get back) but it turns out that she sat behind me. We started doing fraction work and she kept saying in a whiny voice repeatitively " But I wanna know." "But I wanna know." and I still ignored her.
I have a hunch (and most of mine are often right since I've been told I'm clairsentient) that the "I wanna know bit." means something more than meets the eye, but I can't figure out what. It feels like it's on the tip of my tounge type thing.