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    Thread: The mysterious "Maxine"

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      Smile The mysterious "Maxine"

      This morning I had a very strange dream that was unlike any other I've had before.

      In the actual world, I live alone. I'm in my early 40s, I am single and have been for a long time, although not by choice. I love women and would love to have a relationship with someone special.

      My dream was situated in my apartment. I have no idea how it came about, but a young woman had begun to share my residence. For some reason, I'd taken her in as a co-tennant or something. She was quiet, and pleasant, and I felt very "in control" of the situation. I was not interested in her romantically, instead I had begun to accept her as "part of the furniture". Neither did I think she would be interested in me.

      My focus was instead on a male friend and colleague of mine (Andrew) who had come/was coming to visit that day. We were going to sort out matters of interest to us. I was very looking forward to the meeting.

      But whilst (or after) Andrew was visiting, my focus turned to the young woman. I couldn't remember her name. She had told me, but I kept forgetting it. She was talking, but there seemed to be a lot of "noise" in the background and I was struggling to hear what she was saying.

      I was talking to her, but she couldn't seem to hear me either. I kept trying to hear or recall her name, but I just couldn't get it. I kept trying and trying, really wanting to know what this nice young woman's name was. She told me I was too quiet and would have to speak louder. So I asked her again what her name was, and this time finally, I got a clear answer that I could remember. Her name was Maxine.

      Maxine was an attractive and pleasant young woman. It felt like a bit of a breakthrough. And Maxine seemed very happy also. From that point, she started to be very friendly towards me, and I began to feel that she was very interested in me in a romantic sense. This made me feel really good.

      Suffice to say, this was a very pleasant dream that left me feeling hopeful. But it was also, very mysterious to me. The name "Maxine" means nothing to me in the actual world.

      Your interpretations would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      When the dream is taken place at our home one can sometimes assume that the dream is about one self as a person. In your inner world there’s a feminine component making herself known, but to which you have very little connection. The reason for this seems to be that you simply don’t care about it.

      Obviously the woman is not something outside of yourself, so it must be something inside of you, and therefore one could say that the woman is “a part of you”, namely, your feminine self. So you seem to be mainly out of touch with the feminine parts of your self.

      Then there’s Andrew. One would like to have your description of this character to understand what he represents in your inner (and perhaps outer) world. Because it is he who makes you turn to your inner feminine self.

      According to the dream story it is when the “andrew energy” floats into your consciousness that you recognize the woman, and then you try to contact her. So Andres represents a quality with which you may get in touch with you feminine self.

      Because of the background noise you are not able at first to get in contact with her. This noise may be an illustration of the demands of the waking life, which makes it hard to land within oneself. But after a while you are able to identify her and begin a relationship with her.

      It feels good because getting in touch with this feminine part of yourself is a step towards a more “full” life. And when one is in touch with one’s own feminine self, it is easier to get in touch with women in the outer world, in a mature way.

      To understand what this dream means in a less abstract way, one would need to know much more about you, and where you are at this point in life, and what’s going on right now, and so forth. And also associations about the symbols, like “andrew”.

      But I’m not asking you to tell us more, I’m just letting you know; because a dream is highly personal, it is very difficult for someone else to understand them. Hopefully, however, this is nonetheless of any value for you.
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