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      Swimming pool reoccurring

      Wondering if anyone can offer some insight. Three times in the last week or so I have had a strange dream about my next door neighbours swimming pool. My neighbours DONT have a swimming pool but I keep dreaming that they do. In two dreams I'm not allowed in it but the water looks amazing and clear and I really want to get in but don't have permission as my neighbours are not there. Last nights dream the pool had moved indoors and I was walking around the pool looking at the clear water wishing I could get in and that's all I remember.

      Last week when dreaming about this pool, I was allowed in.the pool is outside I get in the swimming pool with two male friends but can't remember who. The pool I great but all of a sudden it turns into a wave pool and the waves are lifting me like 30ft in the air and I'm scared of heights. My two friends are enjoying it but I'm scared. Not petrified but not comfortable with it. After a couple of minutes the waves stop and I get out.

      Couple of days previous to this the dream is again of the swimming pool but once again pool is in a different place. In this dream me and my husband are at a party at their house and in the dream although they are my neighbours they are fictional people and not my actual neighbours like in other two dreams. In this dream I am at their house and they are handing out cheques because they are rich. I am looking out the window at the pool wanting to get in but not allowed.

      Anyone know what this means? I'm 29 ur old female recently had second child. Stressed with money and work. Being made redundant which I'm happy with but arguing over payout. Looking at doing a complete career change from business to nursing/midwifery and I am starting at college soon. Along with this I'm trying to gradually phase out some of the drainers in my life. Sounds bad but it's actually relieved some stress not seeing or talking to these people so much. Don't know if any of these details help or just nonsense! Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Xx

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      Anyone?! Xx

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