First of all, let me clear up some confusion that I probably created with the title: "slept with" is not a euphemism here. I mean it in the literal, non-sexual sense.

Last year, I had a feelings for one girl I knew in particular. She considered me a friend, but was often flirty. I asked her out twice, but natural disasters intervened against it. Then she started dating someone else, and in waking life, I moved on not long after (we are still friends). But in my dreams, I have most definitely not moved on. Last night was a good example of that.

So in the dream, I saw her on the street when I was driving by. She was wearing gym shorts and a white tee-shirt with flip-flops; I was in jeans, flip-flops, and a band tee-shirt. It was raining lightly. I offered her a ride, and she accepted. As I always do, with virtually everyone, I greeted her with "Good morning!" even though it had not been morning for several hours. It was closer to the grey area between afternoon and evening. She sighed and asked "Why's it gotta be good?" with noticeable sadness in her voice. "For one thing, I got to see you," I replied. "Aww, thank you, [my name]..."

I don't exactly remember much for the next couple of hours--we talked about whatever was making her sad, and somehow consumed enough time that it was well after dark when we arrived at my house. I would not have described her as any more than a little bit happy, but her mood was markedly happier than when I first saw her. I opened the door, and the conversation suddenly changed. We were both laughing about how I used to feel about her and how oblivious we (mostly she) had been at the time.

"I'm sorry... I guess I should really start paying more attention," she said with exaggerated facial expression. We both stopped laughing after a few minutes, sitting on the couch and catching our breath. "Yeah," I said, "I guess, but I didn't really expect you to say yes anyway; you're the most amazing person I've ever met... but I had to ask..."

She got up, her whole face red, and took off her shoes. I followed suit. "Well, I think it could've worked!" she said. She took both of my hands, hooking her fingers around mine, and began walking me backwards. We were heading towards my bedroom. When we crossed the threshold, she let go and gave a playful shove. I was standing with my back to my bed, and she was in the middle of the (small) room. "I'm just glad you're happy where you are n--," I said. "Shhh, no more talking," she cut me off.

I sat down and smiled up at her. She turned and sat on my lap. Taking my hands, and with volume tapering to a whisper, she said "Put your arms around me... hold me tight..." I did as she said, and she leaned back against my chest. "Let's pretend the whole world is just the two of us right here, just for a while."

We lay down together, my arms still around her.

"You know that's all I ever wanted--for you to be happy?"

"I am happy, right here... right now... with you..."

And then I fell asleep, and the dream ended.

What kind of closure does my subconscious need to move on? Why did't I move on in my dreams after I moved on in real life?