As weird as it may sound yes, I dreamt of the. Challenger memorial. It was completely different though, like a mini 9/11 dealio. It happened to be the anniversary of said disaster in this dream and I was there with my grandma. We could put roses on the names like 9/11. Red meant birthday white meant loved one. The ceremony was mostly music. At one point there was this group of young girls who came out on rollerblades in a choreographed set. Some were holding candles and others weren't bit they were singing about candles. I can't remember the lyrics sadly. I do though remember thinking " oh, I should get a candle to burn in memory of Christina McAullife (the teacher). But it has to be white and black like the shuttle." And then I woke
Yesterday I was hanging with one of my medium friends who out of nowhere said that I have a connection with the Challenger disaster, that I had felt more connected to that than say Columbia. She said there's a possibility I was on board during the disaster in '86 and Christina is the only one I really feel connected to. Gonna explore this later on since I popped out ten years after, but I don't know if this dream means something or is one of those "your day influences your dream" things.