Walking along my old dirt road of habitude, I spot a new, fresh trail of lain straw and dirt packed over it. It is well made and brand new. I walk along speaking to myself, wondering... A first glimpse of a clearing shows me a large outdoor shower with beautiful wooden walls of rustic cedar planking. A small, quaint but rustic cabin of natural wood sits at the far side of the clearing with a small garden of mostly herbs and a few veggies before it. It is late summer. The heat is mellow. The sun shines in the mid afternoon, with a glint to everything in the hilly landscape of new england. A naked, dreadlocked man with a slender, shining, sexy body sits perched up high in a spruce to my left, gazing southward towards the distant bay, far out of view. I see him and he speaks with confidence, his earthiness is evident in his tone. He tells me of a journey to come. A trip on foot. I will go down and find the Penumkek river trail (Penobscot River, Maine) and follow it southward to the ocean.

I GIDDILY jump up, rocking my baggage about me (including my cased ukulele) and ask: "Oh! Can I come with you!?"

A blunt "No."

The man simply lowers himself from the tree and becomes a white skinned, american buddhist with robes. He carries a blind mans cane and walks along with peaceful steps. He is blind but walks a true, clear path. He knows the way to go, although his eyes have failed. I watch him leave.

The man is me, although I look to him as if he were another.


Please let me have some intuitive comments. I really want to know what you think about this, as I don't have any social connections that are open to dreamwork at this time.