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      Very weird with multiple intentions dream

      Bjorn ( Friend i dont see alot anymore ) and me had a chance to steal a big lump of gold , so we did. Then we had to walk over the fair and saw my old classmate selling some food , so we stopped there and ate some food. Then we joined a conversation with 2 people i dont know , and one of them gave me a thumb ring.
      Then i told to Bjorn we had to sell it really fast before they find out , but 4 people in a car heard us and start following us. When i noticed that i walked the wrong distance on purpose and then I suddenly was at my home ( like the scene walking to my house has skipped or something ) , I saw people on bicycles around my house guarding it and making sure i wasnt going out of the house, but i found a way and ran to a gas station where you can buy food ect , Who was working there suprised me , ( not in real life , just the dream ) it was a flirt from a few years ago , we did talk alot. When i saw a car coming i asked her to call 911 , then i remembered i stole the gold , so i told her nevermind dont call. Luckily that car was a entire family and it suddenly was a chaos in there, so i asked to buy some lucky tickets. But when i try to carve them open they were already open and instead of numbers there was 2 words : 1 saying immobility and the other i could not remember. So i had to go to my friends house to hide ( I dream alot of this road to my friend house somehow , Its pretty much a remote place to life ) But the road took ages to walk and i had to hide everytime i saw something , and then suddenly i woke up .. vaquee as hell

      Please help me finding out what this means

      Some info about me : Male , 23 Years. Used to be addicted to MDMA , Cocaine , and weed , now atm im trying to quit weed. But its not that easy , also this is one of the few dreams i actually can remember
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