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      I dream of a Quarter

      We have an experiment in school, we wanted to test the law of attraction in manifesting quarter experiment by Robert Anton Wilson's Quarter Experiment, here’s our website: The Power of the Subconscious Mind - Subconscious Powers.

      One night I am thinking of how I could find a quarter? That night I had a dream of a "quarter", see my blog: "I dreamt of a quarter - My subconscious power", so I came up to search of my dream interpretation to create a blog about my quarter experiment.

      I would appreciate if you could backlink too.


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      Pretty cool and welcome to Dreamviews!

      I believe you were doing dream incubation without noticing it and you found your quarter in the dream. Even though, following the law of attraction, you will still should find your quarter in waking life.

      Very interesting though!
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