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      Red face What does it mean? Running for the light.

      The dream started in a studio set of a television show and I was in it. It was either airing or recording and the funny thing about this show was its the sort that interviews actors or singers but somehow it didn't in my dream.

      Instead there was me and 3 other girls and were all doing various activities and one of them I rmb was singing and baking.
      Than the show sort of come towards an end and a "special guest" arrived and approached me.

      This "special guest" was a celebrity whom I've liked for a while. I was surprised he approach me first instead of the other 3 girls and we acknowledge each other and I wanted to shake his hand but my hands were dirty from the baking.
      He handed me this black vine-like necklace and it had this pendant in a pointy bulb-like shape in the color faint white.

      I love it and hug him. I took the necklace and kept it in my pocket and went to find a place to wash my hands.

      Suddenly the place becomes really dark and gloomy and I found myself in a place along with everyone else that looks really dark and devilish looking and suddenly one of the girls said if you go to the washroom for too long something bad will happen.

      Before I could react the celebrity guy who I had a crush on and gave me the necklace pulls my hand and washes it in a nearby sink not the washroom and pulls me out of the place and we were outside.

      This is where the running begins...

      Outside the sun was still shining but it was becoming dark at a very fast rate.

      So I spotted a mall and decided to run there along with my celeb crush because it seems the only place that had very bright lights.

      We reached the mall along with everyone else and the sun was beggining to set. I wasnt worried until I started to notice that those who were walking in the darknees began to completely disappear one by one.

      I grew scared and as people started to vanished and it was only then I realized we had to stay in the light if not we were going to die.

      So we started running to stay within the sun's ray. And as both me and my celeb crush were about to exit the mall.I ran into this guy called Eugene.

      (Eugene is in my class whom dont really like me and we sort of hated each other but somehow this last year he started to act nice to me and stuff)

      So in this dream I see Eugene struggling and crawling to stay in the sun's ray.There was something about his face that just look extremely pale and he was absolutely frighten.He was so vulnerable it was the first time I ever saw him like that. (In real life Eugene is extremely confident and you will never see his weak side)

      But in the dream Eugene was weak and it seems like he didnt even notice me.He was entirely focus on the sun's ray..arms stretch out his mouth was hang open as if he wanted to utter something out but couldn't.He was well groomed..hair slicked back and a button up shirt but behind all that he was vulnerable,weak and afraid.

      I screamed for him to get up.I said,"Eugene what are you doing?!".He didnt respond and I had to pull him up to his feet and drag him to run and even with my help he could barely even run but I didnt want to leave him behind so I held on to him.

      And we ran. Me,Eugene and my celeb crush.
      By this point the darkness began to spread faster and faster and the sun's rays grew weaker and weaker.

      Then my celeb crush started to grew weak and like Eugene he could barely run anymore.
      So now I was trying to hold on to both Eugene and my celeb crush.I didnt want to lose either of them.I didnt want to see them die.

      So with whatever strength I had I kept running with both of them and then we saw a group of people ahead of us and I knew I had to get to them but we had to cross this old flimpsy bridge.Once we manage to cross despite the fact that Eugene and my celeb crush could barely even walk anymore, the grp of people I saw was walking back and they told me it was over.

      I look up at the sky I could see that the darkeness was fighting with the light and after a while the sun was up again. Everything was back to normal.

      The one that stayed with me after I woke up was Eugene.I never saw him in that weak and vulnerable form in my life and also what was the meaning of the dream?

      I would really like to know the meaning of the dream.

      Please help me to interpret this.I would really like to know what the dream means.

      Currently school is close and its the holidays.I'm just resting at home and doing my schoolwork.There's nothing much going on at the moment.Sorry if its not much info x_x

      Thank you for reading this

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      I can see 2 possible meanings for the light

      1. Understanding or knowledge
      "The one that stayed with me after I woke up was Eugene.I never saw him in that weak and vulnerable form in my life"
      You gained understanding/knowledge of what he is really like.

      2. Limelight
      Celebrities are in the limelight. Have attention. Sometimes we can pursue this it's own sake or spend a lot of time thinking about others who have it.

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      Well in my humble opinion I think that u are a good person and that u are going to achieve ur goals ,and be in the limelight somehow but u have to work hard to get there ,as for Eugene he is someone that u always thought is better than u or more charismatic ,is just a normal person and maybe even a weak one in ur dream to please ur ego .so be good and take care .

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