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    Thread: Tattooist sex? PLEASE HELP

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      Tattooist sex? PLEASE HELP

      A male friend who I am attracted to was a tattooist in my dream (he's a DJ in real life) was demanding that he tattoo me and I didn't really want to. He later kissed me and called me baby, which made me feel safe and secure, then tattooed a butterfly on my left arm, then we had sex. I have had no previous romantic relations with this man. I am also in a relationship with someone else for the past year and 9 months, and we both have been under a lot of stress lately and I have been considering leaving. Im a 21 year old female. This dream has really been bothering me, so if anybody knows anything about what this may mean, help is greatly appreciated.
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      To me, the butterfly represents coming into your own. The left in metaphysical terms is the receptive side. At fist in the dream, you did not want to entertain the idea of sex (which can be symbolic for a lot of things). Once you felt safe you were able to receive this message of spreading your wings or transformation. What this transformation is, only you know. Hope that helps or gets you thinking about how these symbols relate to your own dreamer's symbolism.

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      Attractive Idea

      Your male friend represents who you are attracted to. So perhaps your need demands to make either liking your partner permanent or maybe partnering with your friend is what you are thinking of, which was also what you didn't want, as it would mean leaving your present partner.
      You wanted him who would make you feel safe and secure, change you or free you, and be close in every way.

      Unless your friend demanded that you become his partner and you didn't want to, the dream can be reflecting your current troubled relationship, and how you know it should be instead, and you thinking of leaving.
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      your dream was possibly giving you a hint that it is time for a paradigm shift to happen within yourself, or spread your wings and become the next chapter of your life that your inner self seeks.

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