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    Thread: Can you help out with this dream

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      Can you help out with this dream

      I'm going to start with some feed back information about my current situation
      As there is a war going on in my country and nothing is stable I'm so afraid for my son of twenty two he's going to be a dentist in August of this year he's so upset about what is going on and his friends because they are in the front and me not letting him take up arms and go fight a lost cause
      A war that is killing innocent people.my son is tall and we'll build .
      So here goes my dream, i was holding him with both hands with the help of someone that I couldn't see but I knew that he was an angel or someone that represented goodness and he was opening my son mouth with all his mouth and reciting verses of the Coran wright into his mouth and all this while some other force witch I could tell represented the devil was trying to take away my son and the angel was telling me to hold him still and that he was almost done and that only the third of the Coran is still to be recited and I was really struggling with my son and the devil at the same time and then I woke up and I felt really exhausted and upset .thanks and if you please could tell me something about this weird dream.

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      I’m very sorry that you are going through the terrible situation with your son. Mothers have been going through this as long as wars have been happening and I think your dream is saying that you shouldn’t give up trying to stop him from going to the war.

      Your talks with your son about the war along with your prayers and unseen good forces are trying to help too in order to stop him from joining his friends in the war. This is probably represented by the voice reciting the verses of the Coran into the mouth of your son.

      It’s old men who start wars but they make the young men fight them. Young men because they are young easily get caught up in the instincts and the desire to fight; this is probably the devil in your dream.

      So don’t give up and I wish you all the luck in the world that your son will see how his country needs him as a good citizen and as a good dentist but not as a soldier in a war driven by greed and wanting power by old men.
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