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      Gorillas, Wolves, and Mom

      I had a dream where I appeared in a desert with my mother. We where headed somewhere and parting ways. The first thing I remember feeling was a mixture of anxiety and an intense amazement at my surroundings. We were in a massive flatland that stretched for what seemed to be infinity. I was anxious and I could not stand at first. I was scared to get up because the view was both terrifying and intensely amazing. I got up slowly and looked toward the horizon(s) and my anxiety left me and I felt pure amazement at the sheer size and flatness of the area. I saw mountains ahead but they seemed insignificant at the time and so far away they almost did not register to me. My mom was planning on walking, but I told her I'd drive her we just needed to get to the car. I asked how far it was and she replied "100 miles" as if it were a light walk away. I asked if she had a phone. She said, "yes but it's almost dead". I pulled out my phone that was fully charged and told her I was giving it to her. I just need to unlock it. She did protest a bit saying I needed it, but I know I really did not need it. The car was a few miles down so we decided to walk. We found a small path that looked traveled on. Worn by vehicles and people. Up ahead I saw a group of joggers stretching underneath a huge electric pole, not the small single wooden ones but the massive metal ones with four legs. On my way up to the joggers I tripped on a rock. I'm not sure if looking at the phone trying to unlock it affected my walking negatively but it certainly did not help me. Some guy mumbled something to my mom and she laughed but I didn't really catch it, I got up and we were on our way. Up ahead I saw a couple of Gorillas playing. I was anxious for my mom as she was older and less agile I tried to stay near her just in case I needed to defend her or help her. I told her to stay near the paths wall. We walked around them as they chased each other. Then I told her we can jog the rest of the way. After some time we decided to turn around. I can sense the car was close. Up ahead I saw two wolves. I wasn't anxious like how the gorillas made me feel. I'm not sure why but they seemed to be minding there own business and they also looked familiar like dogs. They did look strangely interesting. One had an extremely thin and fine black cloth that waved around in the wind and both of them were pitch black in color. It was a blackness that does not seem to exist in reality. And now that I think about it I also saw a small little white fox jumping around. I happen to glance over and saw him for a second or two but quickly turned my attention to the horde of gorillas marching our way. They did not seem to care for us but they were all playing in an aggressive manner and it did make me feel anxious because they are territorial animals and we were near them. I felt this mostly for my mother as I was unsure If I can protect her against them if anything were to happen. As soon as we passed them we started jogging. To my surprise my mother was faster and more in shape than me. Now her comment about those 100 miles and phone were starting to make sense to me. I noticed the group of joggers as we passed them. We jogged for a bit then we saw the horde of gorillas stamped past us as we jumped over a wall. And that's the end of it. Woke up and posted it here. I had multiple dreams this night but this is the only clear one.

      edit: I'll post a little about me. I tend to be anti-social. Typically I go months without seeing friends or family. I sometimes do feel the need to go out with friends or talk with family but only when I'm in the mood to do so. Recently me and a long time friend started a business together. The business is okay but I feel it could be significantly better. I also want to find a secondary source of income soon. I don't feel stressed about this because I have a good savings, but I also don't like digging in it when it is not necessary to do so. A month back I started to feel the need to be more independent of my parents and overall of peoples opinions. I've taken steps to separate myself from others. I was already independent financially, but I tend to ignore my health, and in another way I let certain people influence my emotions. Though my actions still retain logic, I still feel at times twisted between my emotions and what I perceive the other person to feel. I tend to be a bit quiet at times, though sometimes you cannot shut me up when I get going. I really get going like a big train. And as of right now I do feel independent. Both in health, finances and just overall. I still live with my family including siblings though before I had an issue with this now I don't. I'm also someone who works hard to achieve my goals in life.
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