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    Thread: God Killer

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      God Killer

      Hello, I'm new here and I actually created an account just so that I could share this dream and possibly get some answers. Some background information on myself is that I have sleep apnea, and for years was unable to dream at all. Now I rarely remember dreaming if I do, and when I do remember they usually fade relatively quickly and never give me the idea that they are anything more than a dream. Until today at least.

      This morning I woke from a dream feeling like I was supposed to learn something from it, or that it was symbolizing something that was going to happen. This is the first time since my childhood I've ever really felt like this.

      In the dream itself I was nothing more than a spectator, like a flycam in a video game. The main person I seemed to be following was a beautiful young woman with long styled hair in a flowing white dress. She was a model in a fashion show. As she proceeded down the runway she saw him, God, and she was his daughter. She became angry with him, insisting that he was stealing her moment and that he never cared about her and only cared for his son. They began to fight. Volcanoes erupted and a storm blew in, at the end she was the only one left standing, the spectators of the event unhurt. She was covered in blood which only seemed to heighten the beauty of her dress.

      She stepped off stage and went to clean herself up, when she looked in the mirror she had a busted blood vessel in her left eye and her cheek looked as though it was burned, she began to heal herself flinching in the processes, and thats when I was woken.

      One of the strangest things about this dream, besides it staying with me all day (its 2pm now and I've been awake since 6:30am) is that my left eye has been hurting all day as though I somehow sustained the same injury.

      Anyone have any idea what this dream could mean and why I woke up with my eye hurt?
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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation it would usually be best to have some additional general background information about you (and a description of events just before this striking dream), it’s safe to say that it has what are called “archetypal” elements, meaning that the dream comes from the deepest layers of your psyche which is more “collective” and less “personal”.

      For example, God is in the dream and the woman can heal herself, images that are far from everyday life.

      This type of dream appears at important points in a dreamer’s life when a “crossroads” is involved and it’s crucial for the dreamer to look at their basic attitudes and beliefs etc. in order to move forward in a healthy and productive way overall.

      That’s also why the dream was so clear and you felt it was something you could learn from, or that it involved some “cataclysmic” event that could actually happen.

      Just to mention that I often start off an interpretation by mentioning that the language of dreams is one based on analogies and metaphors which of course can be very difficult to understand.

      Also, dreams are the broad equivalent to those processes which keep our physical bodies in an equilibrium.

      For example, automatic adjustments are continually made to keep one’s temperature, blood sugar level, water content etc. etc. at appropriate levels.

      In an equivalent way, dreams try to maintain an overall psychological balance which will allow for the gradual all-round self-development of the dreamer.

      In your dream, you’re “nothing more than a spectator” and therefore aren’t part of the action. In fact, you’re kind of “flying” over it.

      This could partly mean that, from the dream’s point of view, you could apparently not be “grounded” enough and might even be a little unrealistic and inflated about certain issues as symbolized by the conflict between the model and God.

      In addition, your comment linking your viewpoint in the dream to a video game may be adding to the idea that a “real life” situation isn’t being dealt with enough in a realistic way.

      It’s also possible that your viewpoint of seeing the battle between the model and God could represent the dream’s intention of giving you a peek at the overall zeitgeist of society and if so, outlining the unconscious and apparently negative effect it could potentially have on you.

      The dream starts off by focusing on a beautiful young model who’s walking down the runway.

      It’s important that this woman turns out later to be the daughter of God and not just a “human” model.

      So the idea appears to be introduced early on that your dream could at least partly be about broad societal issues.

      On analogy, “strutting your stuff” on a runway in stunning clothes whether a male or female is clearly related to the ego and “how it looks to others” as opposed to matters of, say, caring for others or finding meaning in life etc.

      It looks like viewing this scene as showing a generally “egotistical” state of affairs could be confirmed by the fact that, when God appears on the scene, the model is angry because he’s “stealing her moment”.

      The young woman is God’s daughter and she’s angry that he never cared about her but only his son.

      On a cultural and Christian level, her statement succinctly describes how, after an early period in the church when they were equals, women were then gradually excluded from high offices.

      Even the Trinity is “all masculine” and lacks a fourth and “feminine” figure to round out the wholeness of its meaning.

      The body and the instincts were generally excluded from Christian and other dogmas, meaning that “Mother Earth” and the Feminine in general were denigrated in most areas of life for centuries, at least in the “official view”.

      Even Mary who was venerated had to be absolutely pure and have nothing “earthy” about her.

      You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with your dream but the idea is that from a psychological point of view, any time that an essential part of a person’s human nature is excluded from consciousness, it can appear instead in some kind of mostly uncontrolled and “unbalanced” way which is meant to compensate, although in an unhelpful way, its systematic suppression from the person’s awareness.

      This concept can also reliably explain many broader, collective states of mind and these, of course, can strongly influence individuals.

      A huge battle then takes place between God and his daughter which could possibly symbolize a gigantic split between God (as symbolizing wholeness and meaning) and a current one-sidedness which could be seen as afflicting many women in today’s society (as symbolized by God’s daughter).

      For example, oddly enough, instead of “defeating” the “patriarchy”, many women have perhaps tended to unconsciously join it by taking on working careers early in life etc. without being aware enough of what this entails overall.

      That is, if not carefully handled, their deeply instinctive feminine side can be injured as possibly symbolized by the wounds suffered by the daughter of God.

      For instance, the “left” in dreams usually symbolizes the unconscious mind and therefore, the daughter’s injury to her left eye might symbolize damage being done to her link with this important, instinctive part of herself in favor of being “out front” in the world as a “model” of the feminine.

      It may be that during strong movements during sleep, your left eye was pressed too much into the pillow or bed, causing the later pain. If so, the dream immediately made use of this happening as a relevant analogy regarding “injury to the spritual seeing of things”, especially if you are a woman.

      So in general, it’s possible that the true feminine nature of women has again been denied by the essentially “patriarchal” society, just like it was after an early period in Christianity for example.

      Just to note that the respected Jungian analyst Marion Woodman who has dealt with “patriarchal issues” for decades has written that men are trapped by the patriarchy just as much as women are.

      She has also noted that many women are more patriarchal than men.

      A symptom that this may true is perhaps appearing in the fact that women seem to be increasingly defined by sex and beauty and not by intelligence etc. as they move into a broad range of careers.

      For example, girls are being sexualized at younger and younger ages while viral rock videos emphasize a woman’s sexual side as opposed to her caring and values side.

      The idea would be that appearance and beauty (as perhaps symbolized by the model “goddess”) are forcing themselves to the forefront from the unconscious in order to compensate the loss of other equally valuable feminine qualities as women become more fully enmeshed in a generally patriarchal society.

      This state of affairs can cause psychological “volcanoes” and “storms” to “blow up”.

      The model apparently kills God and has no remorse while those at the fashion show are unharmed.

      This could possibly show that society as a whole is in a dangerous state of self-delusion because whatever “God” symbolizes can, for various reasons, never actually be killed.

      So the “conflict” between “God” and his “daughter” will likely keep appearing.

      Volcanos and storms can symbolize deep psychological upheavals of worry, anxiety and fears etc. which can sometimes get beyond the ego’s control, so it’s better if the latter takes appropriate action to protect itself by “moving out of the way of danger” etc. beforehand.

      In general, to summarize, it looks like your dream could be a warning of the need to become more aware of some negative influences in outer society which could potentially hinder your movement towards being your own person over time.

      Anyway as mentioned, without knowing anything much about you, this way of looking at your very important dream might not fit your personal circumstances very well, but I hope these ideas can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to ask any questions or to make any comments about this particular way of looking at your dream.
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      Wow that is a very interesting analysis. For more information about myself I'm a nonbinary individual, age 26, and pansexual. I was assigned female at birth, and am married to a man and have two daughters ages 4 and 5.

      I'm not out publicly, but I am online and to my husband. This means my mother and step-father see me as a cisgender heterosexual female. I'm not an activist, though I do consider myself a feminist. I am unemployed and stay at home to raise my daughters. I'm also pagan and typically don't subscribe to any form of organized religion. Lets see... um.. I've been diagnosed with scoliosis, PCOS, Sleep Apnea Anxiety and depression as well as dyslexia (if any of this reads strangely that's why, though I've utilized spell checker)

      My hobbies include crochet, video games and reading. I'm not really sure what else to say about myself to be honest, but if I've left anything out that you'd need to know for this please feel free to ask. I'm fairly open about myself and try not to mislead others. I hope this helps!

      Thank you for responding and being so very thorough it was a very interesting read as to what the dream could mean, I'm not entirely certain it fits but it could be the start of finding out!
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      I’m sorry that your plate is so full regarding various medical problems, but it looks like you’re coping very well in the circumstances because you’re able to work at various hobbies and interests along with raising two young daughters, who, despite the challenges involved, are probably providing you with some very basic satisfaction.

      So in the context of everything that’s going on as you’ve described it, maybe it could be possible that you’re sometimes tending to take on the role of a kind of Superwoman (the model in the dream) who can do things on her own without “God”.

      If so, this might result in a very understandable leaning towards shutting out such feelings as bitterness and resentment caused by having to deal with some very serious issues in your life.

      This could possibly be symbolized in the fight with “God” who, as it were, unfortunately doesn’t want such feelings shut out beyond a certain level.

      So a split between you and this inner necessity to let in your feelings more often in a consciously controlled way might potentially fuel some of your anxiety and depression (the volcanoes and storms).

      Maybe if you were to sometimes substitute for one of your current hobbies an indirect means of expressing your feelings by, say, painting or writing stories etc., doing so might help to heal any such splitting off of your feelings.

      It looks like the idea of the patriarchy mentioned in my earlier post could still relevant in what’s going on.

      For example, analyst Marion Woodman has pointed out that the patriarchy is mostly based on “doing”.

      That is, everything is about activity, working and often the over-achievement needed in order to get lots of power, money, prestige and even fame.

      It’s not that working hard is wrong, only that it can be detrimental if overdone and there’s no room left for just “being”.

      Just “being” can be viewed as a deeply feminine characteristic. It doesn’t mean “passivity” in the sense of “inactivity”, but more like “receptivity” at a profound level.

      Of course, I don’t really know you but it looks like your activity level might be very high partly to help shut out too firmly some emotions, and if so, it could be better to just “be” and let them in sometimes although only for short periods in order to let off a little steam.

      If these additional ideas don’t seem to fit either, please don’t hesitate to let me know and we could search around together for some different ones if you’d like to.
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      I just want to share an experience with you, based on your left eye sensation after waking.

      I had a lucid dream once where a bat bit me on the hand. It was a very intentional thing; the dream had a pointed meaning that was explained by a character (my female higher self) in the dream while it was happening. Not like, a dream that might "make up" an event to match a real life physical symptom. But none the less, when I woke up, my hand was in pain (like a pinched blood vessel), exactly where the bat bit me in the dream. Hurt all day.

      Makes you wonder about reality, and the power of dreams, doesn't it?

      My interpretation of the eye hurting is that it's a dream to take seriously.

      With respect to Athanor's more universal/collective interpretation angle, I would also examine it from a more personal/subconscious route as well. If it were my dream, I would look at my views on religion, or even people that may have a strong "God-like" influence/control over me.

      Good luck, and thanks for sharing your crazy dream!

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