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      Strange dream, please help interpret

      Hi all, I had an emotional experience yesterday regarding someone I care deeply for. I had a call with a friend about it who said things look positive. I went to sleep and found myself babysitting for a boy and girl who weren't there much. The was a dog,seemed nice. I remember being in awe of the house but also a strong sense of familiarity. Anyway the dog started stalking me, growling at me and it would attack me. But I didn't feel anything, it was like the dog was just mouthing my hand. Eventually the boot returned home with some friends who started throwing soy sauce packets at each other. Then I woke up.

      The weird thing is I've had a couple of dreams over the past few weeks or months that revolve around me being in a house that takes my breath away. I don't think it's the same house but same feeling about it.

      Any thoughts? But if so why would I be dreaming about her experience? Or maybe it means something completely different?

      Thanks heaps for any insight!
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      (Apologies if completely off. Im new to this on a virtual level. Have always been face to face)

      I believe this was review of whats to come. In the sense: the children, are the 2 friends (i dont know why, but..are both female, but one is exceptionally masculine?) Rarely there: as the friends have never really been daily life friends. You appreciate and enjoy them. But, not on each others call list for announcing promotions, or a relatives passing/birth.

      Anyway, you already know your.going to be there. Eeeeeven though, noooot quite on that list. You'll do it. In an odd..minimally detached way. So that your MOSTLY there. The dog, keeps you in check. Connected to what ur doing. When you start to float too far away (too detached=indifferent) he brings you back. When they get home. Would be the end result. Ie, when watching is over, for better or for worse. Packets: either leftover brains, or YOU need some chinese food BAD! lol

      Oh, the house thing. That one..too vague for me. I would need more details. IF i didnt totally biff the above....of course.

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